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To Talithar – 24

To Talithar – 24 published on 16 Comments on To Talithar – 24

Why did I keep this in and cut other things. Well- it highlights 2 things, one, it confirms the existence of a Fae world linked to their own. Second, it also shows that- Yunn just confirmed, Kaylin didn’t willingly vanish. They have no idea what happened to the adventurers, but there’s a lot of theories. Yunn personally, doesn’t care about most of the adventurers, they weren’t really a part of her life. Kaylin though, had a long standing history with her from before Kaylin WAS an adventurer (her written backstory). So at the time, it was a bit devastating to her that her long time mentor, just vanished along with a bunch of strangers. This is the first guarantee to her, that Kaylin didn’t willingly abandon her friends and herself.


In the third panel you misspelled “remember”.

It was IMPROVED! Now it has “meme” in it! XD

Wait I thought Fae was a normal earth idea?

Nyna looks very concerned over this, is she going to lose her pet for some reason?

Kaylin has been pretty open about what she remembers with Nyna, so Nyna knows that she’s both telling the truth, but hiding stuff, and she knows that Kaylin does have some mental issues dealing with understanding what happened to her. Nyna’s concerned look is her also watching her closely to make sure she’s ok and not going to start spiraling. She’s looking out for her, not just thinking about herself here.

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