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The phrase “Lyrestra’s Oracles after that, were coming in faster and faster” feels odd. The word ‘oracle’ is generally used to mean a PERSON, and I don’t think your intent is that Lyrestra was conjuring a horde of priestesses out of nowhere! The location of ‘after that’ in the sentence is also awkward.

Maybe try: “After that, Lyrestra’s warnings started coming in faster and faster”. Could also use ‘visions’ or ‘messages’. I would avoid ‘prophecies’ because those are usually used for long-term future-telling.

While ‘oracle’ is more commonly used for the person having the visions, it is also a correct term for the visions themselves (particularly coming from a deity). Given the fantasy setting and religious nature of the messages being described, I think the more unusual but equally valid ‘oracle’ works fine here.

If not certain, since it is from a deity, use “Revelations”.
Can´t ever go wrong with that.
Especially since an Oracle is someone recieving revelations from the god(s).

Oracle fits as both the messenger and the message. Revelations are more about Truths being made evident.

It’s fun to see this much discussion over word choices! All of these options can work and nothing is actually *WRONG* with any of them. I think it is a question of what will be clearest to most readers, especially when the comic eventually goes to print form, so getting a bunch of us talking like this is helpful to identify areas of interest.

I’m not changing it, it being an archaic use of the word is perfect use for a fantasy RPG. It’s also what I would call it. The word hasn’t changed that much, so- im bringing it back! Folks- start using Oracle this way more. Language is always evolving, sometimes it goes back to an old way, because there was nothing wrong with the old way. Unless someone can point out how using oracle like this changed because it was harmful or something- I’d change it, but far as I can tell it just wasn’t used as much in the past, but at the same time there is no word that has taken it’s place. A warning, was her first message, the ones after it doesn’t give the same feeling, a vision implies she saw something but it doesn’t have to be a vision at all, a message feels too simple or even too modern as its commonly used to mean a text message or electronic message, obviously letter is silly- she’s not sending mail, Revelation implies just like a proof of something rather than instructions on an event and how to respond, prophecy feels too preventative as in a future event- then we start getting into divinations – which is just a longer word for oracle- XD. Why would we use a longer word? Is Oracles giving Oracles just too much? If so, we should have gotten rid of There, their, and they’re by now.

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