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Oh no… Someone actually clicked the cast page! Oh nuts- uhhh- Work in progress! I’m honestly horrible with doing short write-ups on characters. Uhh, Maybe I can Just post the Reference sheets- ehhhh- but then I need to do them for everyone and I don’t really need to do all of them- Oh! Oh! Challenge time! Let’s see how long it takes for me to make a cast page at 7am! Go! (Whew- uhg- the answer was over an hour- I’m going to bed!)


Kaylin Filaurel – Age 279 (From Date of Birth over 570) – Race: Dark Elf – Level 100
Kaylin is the main character of our story. She was created by a man named Kevin who became a popular VR Live Streamer playing her in the game Rune Aria. A strange phenomenon occurred that seemingly forced him into the virtual body of the character and was flung into the far future of the virtual world. With the flood of memories of the characters 200+ year life span suddenly filling his mind he practically ceased to be Kevin and became Kaylin. Confused and alone, Kaylin struck out into the new world to discover many changes in the ways of the world, the game was always so life like, but now it was even harder to determine virtual from reality.

Relm Torren – Age 19 – Race: Human No Level Known.
Relm was a tavern girl when Kaylin met her. She confided in the tavern keeper and Relm about her status as an adventurer learning about many things, while Relm was infatuated with the idea of a real adventurer for her to learn from. Her father being a scholar, she was intensely interested in ancient stories and the adventurers that seemingly and suddenly vanished from the world over 300 years ago.

Nyna – Age 32 – Race: Monster-Nekomata Level – 85 (Elite)
Nyna attacked Kaylin after stalking her for some time, having never seen an actual elf – or much of anyone willingly and easily moving through the monster infested forest Nyna calls Home. Upon being told that Kaylin is an adventurer, her fear from the stories her mother told her about how deadly and cunning adventurers used to be took hold and she fled, choosing to wait for a better time to strike… Fortunately or Unfortunately for her- Kaylin struck back with an unexpected option and opportunity.

Space Captain Mike – Age Unknown – Race: Human Cyborg – Level – Unknown
A “space captain”? In a fantasy game world? Mike says he’s actually trapped in another game, Star Parade, and crash landed on this planet. Since entering the atmosphere his ship stopped functioning properly and he managed to land it relatively safely on the surface, but all of it’s major functions were non-responsive, along with most of his equipment. He has access to the console command window which has let him analyze his items, but he’s met with mostly “Error – Item ID not found” except for on his laser pistol, which matches the ID number of a magic wand of lightning bolts that is beyond the normal available tier. His cybernetic body still seems to function, possibly having to do with his race and not “items” he has, but his man concern is, will he make it back into space alive, or will his real human body perish in the short time it has left? Will it be an even more drawn out and excruciating death- since he’s discovered time is moving much faster in the game world, than in reality?

Callum – Age 10 (12 Counting his time in game at accelerated speed) – Race: Human – Level 95
Callum is an exceptionally smart and mature child. He has no character memories implanted and is a relatively normal Player Character other than being young, and having been here much longer than anyone else met so far, for over 2 years in game time which is over 2 months. His maturity has to do with his in game experiences and also, his very high mental stats which have allowed him to more rationally think through things. Having already been a bit of a science geek, thanks to his father who is an Engineer of some kind, he’s used his mental stats and tinker specialty to recreate technologies from the modern world he knows into the virtual world, however, for some reason they never seem to work as soon as they are invented, but they begin to work the next day.

Henry – Age 28 – Race: Human Level – Unknown
Henry is the guardian of Callum. They worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement that has grown more into a family role than a business one. Henry used to be a Mid Level Nobel but lost most of his wealth left to him by his family in poor business decisions and eventually gambled away the rest. On the verge of being ousted – possibly literally, from society by debt collectors looking to collect, Callum came to his rescue and in exchange he acted as his guardian and provided a home and means to build and grow, while also dealing with the emotional problems of having effectively lost his family. Henry is very defensive over Callum and tries to give him a stern upbringing to make him a better man that he feels he became, but often realizes Callum is doing a great job of that already without him, making him feel unimportant and disposable at times.

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