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About The Comic

A little explanation of the comic! I’ve been through this already so I want to go ahead and make it clear and simple for everyone. This story falls under the Genre of “RPG Lit(LitRPG)” or “RPG Literature”. This has been around for a while now! It’s also a commonly known fantasy for people who grew up with video games. “RPG Lit” is just what it sounds like, Literature on Role Playing Games. Examples of this in anime include shows like .Hack, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Overlord, and even things like KONOSUBA… Though that’s one of the more odd examples. It also has a large following in novel format. Thanks to the internet, many people have created all sorts of worlds where their characters interact with some fantasy or science fiction world coming from a “normal” world. A common theme is being trapped there, as was seen in many of the animes listed.
Here’s where things get less about what RPG Lit is and rather simply what story telling is. There are millions of stories where a hero fights an evil villain. It is not that action that makes those stories interesting. You can watch hundreds of shows, read hundreds of books, and hundreds of comics- and still have new experiences in each and every one of them. Just because something may be like something, doesn’t make it the same. All of the stories mentioned above are completely different. They share similarities in plot, and sometimes in events, but they are all different. That is what I am trying to explain here. Some of what you see in this story may be familiar, but everything is familiar when broken down. What sets it apart are the characters, their choices, and how the world is put together.

If you enjoy the comic, if you enjoy the premise, I encourage you to look more into the genre. It’s a fun genre of fantasy and relatively new (20-40 years, though the genre wasnt really named till around 2013!), with a lot to offer and is becoming more “real” as we progress and develop technologies capable of replicating some of these stories. Now, if you have any further questions feel free to email me using the contact form in the menu under the banner. I will post FAQ here as well. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


What is “RPG Lit”?
A:RPG Lit is Role Playing Game Literature, also called LitRPG. Stories based around Role Playing Games. Live action examples could include things like The Gamers and JourneyQuest(from Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment) and in some ways even Total Recall… though that’s a stretch. There are many books written as LitRPG, surprisingly many of them are from Russia and South Korea. Most notably though, bringing it to main stream is anime like .Hack, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Overlord, KONOSUBA, and some even say things like GATE also qualify. Generally the story involves characters spending a majority of the story in a virtual space or in a RPG like environment. Fantasy or Science fiction are the most common worlds, sometimes both. How they get to this other world varies and doesn’t actually matter to be considered part of the genre.

Wait, isn’t this called ‘Isekai’?
A: Yes! Hello anime/manga/ or light novel fan. Yes. This Genre in Japan is called Isekai which simple means “Different World” but is usually used to describe any story where the main plot revolves around a person from one world ending up in a different one. RPG Lit is a bit more accurate since it’s about a Role Playing Game world, but absolutely. This is an Isekai story. Once I started writing this I didn’t even know they had a term for it but thanks to such wonderful anime stories like Sword Art Onli- Hahahah- Ok but Seriously, SAO is responsible for making the genre very popular regardless of it’s many flaws, it is a decent intro into a world of much better stories. The fun thing about Isekai is just how many options are available to you. I get to tell a deep story rooted in a possible future event in a totally fantastical way while also being able to fill it with cute girls, sexy elves, oddballs, and space captains. Then somehow make it all WORK as a story!

Why is the beginning in Grey scale/Black and White?
A: This was a design decision I made to separate the two worlds. It will make more sense with more pages up, and It will be a lot of fun when I get to mix the two. So far it has done nothing to really help speed anything up though… In fact, I accidentally colored almost an entire comic when I remembered- it’s supposed to be grey scale… It’s really hard to get used to sometimes!

What made you want to make this comic?
A: I have been wanting to work on another project for a long time. I love working on Yosh! but I also know some people are intimidated by it. It also had a very rough start and I know that had detoured some people from reading. This is a story I have thought about for a long time. I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do and upon discovering that this exists as a Genre I felt it would be a good time to just go for it.

Where’s Nyna?!
A: First off, for those who don’t know, Nyna is a character for this comic. I had a lot of fun designing her, so I have done a lot of art of her already. Soooo, a few people might be shocked to hear, she isn’t the main character. She is a lead character but she’ll be introduced into the comic later.

Really? Nyna? Where did you get that name?
A: This is actually a funny story! The main character, Kaylin, is a Dark Elf. So I looked for a while for a dark elf name for her! Unfortunately many of them are nearly impossible to pronounce or just way too weird. So much that I decided to name her Kaylin, a name given to her by her human parents. What does that have to do with Nyna? Well… Nyna was actually a name I found on the dark elf list! Pronounced “Nya-na”, I saw it and just couldn’t believe that was a dark elf name… It was just too perfectly short and cute, but It didn’t fit Kaylin at all… So I knew I had to name the Nekomata that.

You said another thing I don’t know, what’s a Nekomata?
A: A nekomata is a monster from Japanese lore. There are many different kinds, but all are effectively a type of “Cat Monster”. Naturally I went with the one that takes the form of a cute but dangerous catgirl…

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