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Otherworldly Encounter – #06

Otherworldly Encounter – #06 published on 8 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #06

So I have some news- but it might not be relevant if you check the comic early in it’s release- but for those in the afternoon or morning US Times- Artificial Incident #1 Is availible on Amazon through Comixology! You can (soon?) buy a copy of the first 6 Chapters of AI on Digital through Amazon! Isn’t that great? I hope to be releasing the next book on there as well shortly after it’s printing – early next year! That’s just a few months away!

Thank you all so much! If you want to help support me, pick up the book, and maybe- maaaaybe, leave a review to let people know you enjoy the comic?

Here’s the link (link may not work till later! So come back and try it again if it’s not working!)

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