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To Talithar – 24

To Talithar – 24 published on 15 Comments on To Talithar – 24

Why did I keep this in and cut other things. Well- it highlights 2 things, one, it confirms the existence of a Fae world linked to their own. Second, it also shows that- Yunn just confirmed, Kaylin didn’t willingly vanish. They have no idea what happened to the adventurers, but there’s a lot of theories. Yunn personally, doesn’t care about most of the adventurers, they weren’t really a part of her life. Kaylin though, had a long standing history with her from before Kaylin WAS an adventurer (her written backstory). So at the time, it was a bit devastating to her that her long time mentor, just vanished along with a bunch of strangers. This is the first guarantee to her, that Kaylin didn’t willingly abandon her friends and herself.

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