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To Talithar – 25

To Talithar – 25 published on 13 Comments on To Talithar – 25

Information sharing between people is very different in fantasy worlds, so running into people that have a really good understanding of the greater picture is pretty rare. Kaala’s direct communication with her people is far more effective but she also has far fewer that she confides in. Kaylin has a ton of outside views on the wider world and how it originally functions and believes heavily in information gathering- but eventually she’s going to suffer from not being able to look beyond her position inside the game. Making it important to setup means of communicating with networks of people from vast distances to maintain that edge in time.


Am I going crazy, or is “Ellistia” supposed to be “Ellisia”?

You are not crazy, I should just not have a character named Ellisia and another character named Elista and write dialogue out late at night! Good catch! I know it can be difficult to catch errors in names sometimes especially when they aren’t a seen character (yet).

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