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What stats would it boost?

Since it’s basically a type of equipment usable by anyone, it’s gimmick is the stat bonuses being random. So if you are lucky, you get a bonus to all of your primary stats for your class, if you are really lucky, you get all those stats and maybe a few others. So a “god roll” version of the item would give a boost to all stats and have an enchantment slot. Kaylins here would be Dex, Str, Con, Wis, Cha boosted, and have a slot. So it’s not a god roll- but its as close as you can get without getting it. So she farmed for the drop, and kept several good ones, but only has one really good one, and no god tier ones (because there were better equipment pieces worth spending time on).

“Enchantment slot”, can i think of this like in TES Skyrim BEFORE you get to Double Enchantment? One enchantment and that´s it?
And what can those enchantments be? Stat bonus only? Or additional skills and such as well?

Enchantment slots are just room for customizable extras, such as standard defense, elemental defense, physical attack, elemental attack boosts, unique bonuses under certain conditions, even special skills or magical effects like spider climb that her previous Top had. It can also be more stat bonuses.

So it has plenty of use, but is limited to one slot, usually?
That is, IF the piece has a slot in the first place…?
A skill like “Spider Climb” sounds great, but depending on the game world, might easily break some levels… at least if it is exactly what it sounds like, could it climb overhead?

Because customization on equipment can be incredibly powerful MOST equipment that can be customized is limited to a single customizable slot. There are end game super rare stuff that breaks this rule but only to have a max of 2 slots. Body slot equipment very often has a slot, while other parts are more rare but exist, so you might be able to get a slot on each major gear piece (Head equipment, Body, Arms, hands, legs, feet, and cloak/amulet. Rings can not be customized- but there are many rings that have effects already on them, they just cant be customized normally).

Most equipment pieces that have slots though have slightly lower other bonuses for balance sake- but everyone who has played the game for a while knows that the customizations are almost always worth that small cost.

In Rune Aria, Spider Climb lets one walk on walls, and crawl on ceilings. So your speed and your actions are limited while on ceilings, but not on walls. There are also natural formations that can’t be crossed with spider climb, such as anything with snow on it, ice covered walls, walls with oil coating, things like that as ways to make it a little less powerful, but it obviously is still incredibly useful. Thankfully the game is very advanced so many of the obvious game breaking stuff isn’t as game breaking. Such as if you climb up a house to avoid the guards- if they see you up there they wont just run around the house aimlessly swearing they will get you till they get bored and forget you. They will coordinate with other guards to pin you down with ranged weapons till someone can come with a ladder or try and get to higher ground to keep an eye on you while directing guards to escape route and such. If you are using some kind of magic to hide or to escape they will call for Mages to help and try to dispel your protections, and if you really piss them off- they will go to other players and offer them money for help in your capture.

So is Kaylin canonically a hoarder of all kinds of random equipment then?

Yes. She also has a bunch of Event item outfits, such as sexy maid outfits, bikinis, modern dresses and suits, holiday outfits, all that kinda stuff, and also holds onto neat looking gear because you can use the transmog like system to change gear to look like other gear. Being a streamer, it made sense to horde stuff for when she was going to go for a different look. Some armor also has certain effects on them all the time, like glowing, causing snow to fall off the armor as it moves, stuff like that- but it stands out a lot- something she USED to avoid- buuuut- well we are getting to that.

when did she stream?

Back when she was a guy that had just quit a job at a hotel with a toxic boss and was trying some less guaranteed income options while he still had some savings, before he went for a traditional job if it didn’t work out – he spent a year doing it and got a steady following, before his stream disconnected randomly, and she caught a few last chats before getting a massive headache and disorientation, and passed out as Kaylin’s identity solidified as the controlling mind.

It’s all there in the Prologue chapter at the start of this comic.

In Guild Wars 2 as well as some other titles once you owned a piece of equipment, no matter what you do with it, you keep the “look” for transmog, does Rune Aria not have such a system?
Because keeping items just for transmog seems like an incredible waste of possibly limited storage space…
Though i cannot deny i would like to take a peek in what Kaylin has stored there…

The bank storage space was not limited and they felt it was best that you had to have the equipment rather than use a skin, that way you could sell it on the market rather than just pass em around to unlock the styles.

Passing around was not possible, at least not in Guild Wars 2 if i remember correctly…
But then again, you had to buy some designs with specific currencies you only got from either specific quests or in specific regions, events or PVP ect.
Well generally Guild Wars 2 is a LOT about skins, literally every event introduces its own set, and not just events, the different DLCs and Extentions also have at least one each.
Plus you could color them yourself, with unlockable colors you could mix yourself via Cooking!
It is almost ridiculous how far they have taken this.
The method you describe here makes some sense, especially given the Storage space was unlimited, though i imagine some folks creating a Chaos in their storage, i certainly would XD

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