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To Talithar – 01

To Talithar – 01 published on 18 Comments on To Talithar – 01

Starting shortly where we left off, Kaylin off screen ran around the city (not mentioned- but it was in the noble district XD) and found a place where she could still access the bank system and take out some items. She grabbed a bunch for cosmetics and stat boosts. Nyna is helping her decide on her new outfit. Generally, comfort doesn’t matter all that much because all equipment items fit perfectly, and they don’t wear and tear just from use.


Given the apparent transmog system that sounds like it works better now, it would appear that stats are the primary concern and any gear no matter how awkward can be turned into something comfortable and/or visually appealing. So no reason not to wear the most hodgepodge assortment of items, if they can be made to look like a single nice outfit afterward.

Though now that gear destruction is a possibility, I wonder if Kaylin will avoid putting all of her ‘best’ remaining gear on at once, in case this happens again…

I wonder what she means by “never worn it the *normal* way”?

the real question is, does the vibrate function still work? :p

The normal way, eh ? XD

She means she normally equips it like she would in a game, rather than putting it on like people normally do. She can select stuff from the inventory and equip it, so it just appears on her, or take it off the same way, but she’s gotten more used to putting on her equipment normally as it’s just like a muscle memory thing from the real world. So- we’ll get to see how you’d put on something like that next week XD

It’s a blob of bodypaint 🙂

I mean- that’s close XD. It’s armor made from Slime Material.

So it hugs the body even tighter than Yogapants…
I wonder, since humans do not have the nerve type necessary to “feel” “wet” (we go by temperatur and texture for that), would the slime material feel like water when putting it on?

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