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Callum has already had to confirm to Henry that Adventurers really did wear clothing that can seem indecent compared to ‘normal’ NPC fashion. This new look will only confirm it further.
Nyna isn’t fully wrong though – between her ears, figure, and over-the-top way of engaging people, trying to blend in is something of a lost cause for Kaylin.
I do sense a little catty frustration in Nyna wondering how Kaylin is able to sneak so well no matter what she’s wearing; probably a repeated feeling of adventurer advantages being so unfair. At least this one is on her side!

I refuse to believe that Kaylin does not some form of bikini armor she is holding out on us I know it.

Yeah, but that’s heavy armor. Her skills are for light armor at most.

how can two maybe three pieces of metal held by leather and sting count as heavy armor?

The fact that there’s any metal involved at all! A metal bikini would totally be heavy-tier armor. If it were chain mail then that might be medium armor. Leather, cloth, or exotic thin materials like this slime bodysuit are fair game for light armor.

Ah, the hilarity that is female fantasy armor in most MMOs or similar settings. Doesnt matter how much skin is shown, you still get the full armor bonus.

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