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Nyna does have a point. I totally want to see Relm try one on.

I actually am more interested in Nyna wearing one.
Catgirls for the win!
Also i want to see how it works with her having a tail.

well having taken a look at some of these types of clothing, and seeing it left Kaylin’s arms and legs free, i can imagine it will work the same for Nyna, but in her case the tail would be seen as some kind of body appendice, to and it will just form itself around her tail leaving it free as if a catgirl or other animal with a tail would wear bottoms with a tail hole in it. you can see it on multiple animals in pictures and anime.

Funny thing is, I can totally imagine Kaylin’s “Juniors” being stream followers or similar; people who followed some rules to get co-op time with Kaylin in game for a quest, event, or just messing around. I know she solo’d a lot, but just about every streamer at some point gives in to the pressure of interacting with fans while live.

And giving your old but good gear to new players to help them is something commonly done in MMORPGs, i have both received as well as done that myself, help folks with leveling ect.

Sounds more like she’s talking about giving the basic ones, so maybe it’s just about getting the transmog.

Kaylin? Yes. Though i doubt NPCs can make use of Transmog, or, for that matter, adventurer level equipment, unless they are of the appropriate level, maybe even not at all.
Me however, i was talking about giving stuff with good stats for those of lower level, not about optics but about actual relevant stat numbers.

Well we know that NPCs can use Adventurer equipment (See the Red Claw gauntlet that Jack uses now). Kaylin says she doesn’t have any of the really good ones left, aka the ones with lots of stat boosts appropriate for her. So the ones that Kaylin still has, just aren’t super useful to most players, but still look nice. So she is likely giving them out to juniors more for looks than to give them old armor she used to use that has good stats. The common ones do give some stat and armor boosts regardless.

Now- is she talking about players? Or NPCs? – I think I have already hinted as to what is more likely in previous comics.

There are worse (or no better) materials to wear. Most human cloths are plant or animal fibers. How much of Relm’s current cloths are shaved animal hair. Ya, don’t that sound disgusting. Which could still be better than boiled larvae cocoons, depending on your point of view (and if you eat the worms). So ya, slime cloths “dropped” by harvesting Slimes, really doesn’t even tip the scales of ick at all.

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