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she took that well, btw does her goddess line up with theirs?

Not sure what ya mean by line up with theirs – do you mean are they the same god or are you asking if they changed? I’m pretty sure I covered most of this already in the comic but Kaala has mentioned talking with Ellisia (who has been kinda shown as the legit creator god and the main Goddess of the humans. The goddess of the darkelves has been mentioned and has been assumed to be the one behind the instructions Kaylin is getting), and of course the god of darkness/The Space Between Worlds/ Space God is hanging out with his reluctant best buddy…

I think I get it, shes praying to the Goddess of Humans for the safety and defense of a Dark elf and a monster trying to defeat humans to save monsters.
“oh Goddess of good please help my friend smack around people trying to hunt monsters.” Does sound kinda funny…

Yes but millions of hit points and many many attacks. Treat it like a swarm.

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