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The Ivory Forest – #13

The Ivory Forest – #13 published on 13 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #13

Ok… Kaylin starts to break down a bit, but I think it’s fair considering she’s kinda been experiencing a lot of emotional trauma what with having her memories replaced, not knowing what’s happened to her real body, if this is her real body now, is she dead? Kinda the reason she drinks so much and tries to drowned herself in other things.


eh, i don’t think Nyna is really homosexual or bisexual. i think she’s just being narcissistic.

You are half right.

Yup, only half, since it isn’t narcissism if you really are that awesome.

That’s what I always say about Lu Bu in the Romance of the Three Kingdom inspired games. (Think Dynasty Warriors and you’re safe in case you don’t know what RotTK is.) Is he really arrogant if he’s right?

Also, I’m hoping that at least either Nyna or Relm turn out to at the very least Bisexual… From what I’ve seen of Relm so far, my money is on her being straight and Nyna being Bi. As much as I, and probably everyone else, enjoy shipping Kaylin with Relm… at the point we’re at, Kaylin’s advances are hitting a brick wall, so it’s unlikely.

So unless Sage has something major in the future that will make Relm swoon over Kaylin, it might be the wiser choice in universe if we see Kaylin switch over to Nyna, yet still flirt with Relm. (as it’s clear that is a major part of her personality…) Especially if Nyna’s initial sentence, before Kaylin started getting negatively introspective is what I think it is…

Well arrogance and narcissism are a bit different beasts.

Imagine there’s track race. You are one of the eight runners. You know you’re good, and you know 5 of the others – and know you can beat their time. You have no idea who the other 2 are.

Arrogance would be to assume automatically that you’ll beat all of them. Narcissism.. would be to believe you’re the only one running there, there’s no race, the others are actually just there to run along to cheer you on.

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