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The Ivory Forest – #14

The Ivory Forest – #14 published on 23 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #14

Wait… Monster races have same sex relationships, because they don’t have marriage? No, that’s not it. Humans and other “player races” have most iconography depicting Male and Female marriages. So for some reason those races have limited their relationships based on it being the most- “Normal”? How does that work? So conforming to society is the cause? But real people don’t work that way- oh right… They aren’t “real” people. So how things work for them are bound by certain rules and changes. If one thing is default that’s how it is, until something is changed on a deeper level.


If I get it right the designers of the game world only put in artwork and stories (at least on the human side) depicting opposite-sex marriage and with the people here still being NPC’s at their core they never deviated from this belief? That would also explain why in the 300 years since the start of the story they barely made any scientific progress.

huh so monsters are progressive . . .WTF?

progressive ? It’s more humans regressed.

these are npcs in a medieval setting where their ain’t doctors delivery rooms ob-gyn s and no modern sense of prenatal care their is magic but a still born rate is still probably high in this kind of world

death rate might be equally high

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