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Strongest of Talithar – 28

Strongest of Talithar – 28 published on 23 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 28

So there we go, Kaylin used the Mocking bird item in the previous page to message the Kings men to join the fight- the Mocking Bird sends a message, in the voice of the one you are thinking of if you have heard their voice before, to nearby characters and it can be filtered by known factions, allies, etc. But why call them anyways? Then again, why did the King not want them in the fight to begin with? Just to hog the experience for himself?


I’m guessing the green dagger has an acid effect to lower armor, and the red blade is a life steal effect to ensure she can prolong a fight. My guess is, like in many RPGs, he has a feat that gives him enhanced damage resistance while he fights solo. This possibly has the effect of a) weakening him b) giving her mooks to heal off of c) getting all the people who need to die in one convenient place.

Lets see how many reasons I can think of why the king wanted to do this alone.

1) To hog all the experience (not unlikely, but that doesn’t give Kaylin much of an advantage to bring others in).
2) He can’t use his strongest attacks without his own men getting hit (he didn’t care about their slaughter before though).
3) Some kind of ability that grants better advantages the less allies there are (very likely).
4) The king doesn’t want others to see what he can do (again unlikely as he doesn’t care much for others).
5) An ability or item that gives protection to all allies and having more allies causes the effect to be spread thin. eg. a +200HP per second healing spread over 5 allies gives 40HP/s per ally (also likely).
6) Kaylin has abilities that give advantages against groups rather than singular combatants (that would require him to know about her beforehand, and as a rogue build she seems more fitted for one on one quick attacks rather than a drawn out battle).

As a defensive type class, he might have maxed up his defensive skills which might include skills that give him increased defense so that when tanking for a group it is shared across allies. So alone, he would have all the buff to himself. In a group, he would be covering others automatically.

This feels like the SP spam strategy.

In Gundam Dynasty warriors, or any dynasty warriors for that matter, when a boss was surrounded by cannon fodder enemies you could take them out to build up your Special power gauge over and over to spam your special move against them. You couldn’t do this if it was you and the boss actually making the harder.

My guess the more she kills the more of a certain buff she or her gear gets for the advantage over the king.

Kaylin is a sub-class of rogue known as a spell thief. It’s likely that the more people there are the more opportunities there will be for her to pull off some tricks.

That, and the fact that thief and rogue classes often can and do make use of poisons of all kinds.
Especially considering Kaylin´s sub-class, it´s probably something countering magic and/or mana use/generation or possible potion use.
Little would be worse than a poison that turns any effect of the potions you use AGAINST you, because he also uses Auto-Potion, means he might be unable to STOP using them!

More enemies = more XP
Maybe she took an XP loss to pay for the resurrection ?
If she did then it needs to be regained and the more the merrier.

What if the reinforcements aren’t there so much to nerf his attacks or boost hers, but to get xp for Nyna when she goes all raid boss-y? Wasn’t part of the lore she was talking/thinking about whether monsters get xp and level now? After all, shouldn’t a good pet help her mistress get experience too?
Or I could be talking out my backside, wherein I missed a Sage post somewhere along the line…

Wondering if the kings benefactor will show up and help his minions?

My guess on this one is no – the Benefactor is not going to help the king, even if he DOES show up.

Kaylin said that the king “Fights like a Gorgon” – i.e. part of a PK clan. The king recognized that name, which reinforces that his benefactor is probably an adventurer member of that group. Gorgons /appear/ to prefer fighting alone, with skills/abilities/tactics that work best solo. PKers are also stereotypically loners who don’t have strong loyalty to each other beyond convenience, especially here in a world where it’s not confirmed that Adventurers are still immortal. Which leaves two possibilities:

1) The Benefactor would look at the king’s situation – fighting a counter-PK adventurer in a space crowded with low level allies that hurt the Gorgon solo-fighting style – and decide it’s not worth stepping into a losing scenario

2) The Benefactor would look at the king’s situation… and step in by killing the king and all the collected knights before Kaylin can, because the King was only ever a massive XP farm for the Benefactor in the first place and he doesn’t want Kaylin to get that benefit instead.

If that second case happens, it might only be because the Benefactor had heard Kaylin’s assertion that she’s still immortal. That would fill him with false confidence and make him try something risky. So when the Benefactor loses he may go down laughing that he’ll get Kaylin next time… only to find that he doesn’t have any godly favors to respawn with.

Maybe this is an obvious question… but is this guy’s name ACTUALLY “King Talithar” as the Knights are calling him? I had thought Talithar was just the name of the location; is it actually this person’s name too? I dont remember ever hearing Arthur being called “King Camelot”, for example…

So if this guy took over as king and named the kingdom after himself, that’s pretty crazy hubris right there.

If I had to guess? In some games, a tank might have an ability that causes them to take damage in place of their allies in a certain radius – and in this one, it might not be able to be switched off. He is incredibly heavily armored, but his minions on the other hand, probably not nearly as much.

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