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Strongest of Talithar – 17

Strongest of Talithar – 17 published on 17 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 17

We finally get some communication with the goddess of the world. I’m not looking forward to some of the comments on this one – for reasons! Mostly since I know how it works out, and I am concerned about people jumping to conclusions from this one XD.


“I should have swapped before the door”
“That’s why he was alone”
Kaylin seems to have a more dedicated pvp (or anti-pker) setup. And maybe a skill that requires multiple targets? Or perhaps a method of transferring damage to bypass defenses using a proxy. Or something totally different.
I for one look forward to the next steps in this story.

Well, during the stay in the monster village Callum did mention that Kaylin’s stream content was focused around RP question and PVP content. Thus it is no doubt Kaylin has a dedicated PVP build, which is likely to be different in many ways from her PVE setup, which she likely has been running still, since few or no other adventurers, and her stream was interrupted during her PVE quest running, so likely she’s had that build on at the time.

Also, given she herself answered that in many times it was a revenge kind of PVP, I would not be surprised she had a dedicated anti-PK setup as well. Moreso knowing she recognized the fighting style of this guy as one used by the Gorgons. Which likely means she is well familiar with them from her encounters in the past.

I hope this is not one of the comments you are dreading, but maybe Kaylin needs a sponsor to set up respawning, and as a Dark Elf she may have better luck applying to Lyrestra Goddess of the Moon? Or if she herself cannot find a sponsor and has to reincarnate or archive off to the afterlife, try to get Kaala Goddess of Monsters to sponsor Nyna?

It can be easy to forget that everyone here is a program in a computer simulation (possibly even the player characters as well) but I don’t really care about that for one simple reason.

As René Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” If someone’s mental processes are just as real as any other person, who cares how real their body or brain is? They are.

We may be about to find out that Ellisia’s connection or reasoning with regards to Callum isn’t what we thought it was. Kaylin’s impassioned plea is super cliche but appropriate for the moment – and almost begs to be countered by finding out that Ellisia DOESNT WANT respawning adventurers anymore for some reason. I look forward to more character development for Ellisia herself… and maybe even Lyrestra? Let’s meet the gods! 🙂

That said, both on this page and the last, it’s interesting to see the ‘digital’ aspect of the world showing through. Afterlife saying that your data will be compressed, the word ‘updating’ here – raises questions about exactly what state everyone exists in, now.

You are scratching on part of what I don’t want people to get into too much XD
But at the same time- you are pretty close for most of it- Either way, good job reading into what some of my plans are. I will say this part- your description of her Impassioned plea being Super Cliche- is bang on and intentional. XD

Adventurers NEED the ability to respawn, because the people of the world NEED adventurers who do not fear death to fight against the monstrosities that cannot be reasoned with, to counter the catastrophes that threaten all life, and to do the little acts of kindness that make people’s lives just a little better (like taking a letter from City A to City B when the risk to the adventurers is, effectively, zero).

To be fair, assuming that enabling the respawn option can be done on a case by case basis rather than limited to all or none, having access to an immortal police force of trustworthy high level adventurers to deal with problems like this isn’t exactly a bad argument to make.

Unfortunately nothing guarantees a high level adventurer will be trustworthy. There is heavy implication that the “Benefactor” behind the king’s development and this whole kingdom’s monster farming, is another player- an adventurer from this “Gorgon” PK guild.

NPCs may talk about how everything fell apart when the adventurers vanished, but from The World’s perspective Adventurers are also disasters that tear across the landscape killing monsters and pillaging resources with little regard for anything but their own progression.

Ideally you are correct and Ellisia can selectively bestow respawning on just Kaylin without also unlocking it for others. But if it’s an all-or-nothing, I can understand why Ellisia might prefer to leave that option turned ‘off’. Of course, that doesn’t prevent letting Kaylin respawn *ONCE* and closing that metaphorical door behind her afterward. We’ll have to see what happens!

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