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Strongest of Talithar – 16

Strongest of Talithar – 16 published on 24 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 16

Let me know if anyone has trouble reading the text. I changed the font from the original one I went with because it was a bit too “fancy”- welllll- I agree, it was very Once Upon a Time storybookish. I had to be pretty intentional with some of the designs here. I am very excited for what’s to come, and nervous because I will be challenging myself a lot with the art.


Interesting. I wonder if these choices existed in some form within the game, or if they are new (also if they apply to non-adventurers upon death).
Reincarnation would allow you to reroll your character, possibly letting you carry over certain skills and abilities.
Afterlife would be to retire your character, letting you start over completely.

My guess is one of the gods will unlock the respawn door for Kaylin, but with the caveat it is a one time thing only, and next time death will be permanent.

> but with the caveat it is a one time thing only, and next time death will be permanent

Not something I wanted to consider, but this is very valid.

In fact, since the respawn door is chained and locked down…I wonder if this is what did happen to all the adventurers? Those that awakened earlier than, say, Kaylin, Callum, and Rex.

Death, followed by either Reincarnation or permanent retiring (Afterlife). Since probably no one else would have any or several deities pulling for them.

Wow, okay this was totally unexpected for me, although it probably should not have been. Great sideways move and opens up things unconsidered before but should have been obvious. I got a bit complacent in that Kaylin seemed to be the all powerful, unbeatable character. Nice way to bring us back to “reality”, heheh. Anyway AI has alway been in my top ten, you just notched it up a bit.

Patch notes: Removed Respawn option and updated Death Room to remove Door model.

Patch notes (1 hour later): Reverted Respawn Door removal, to resolve Death Room snow crashing. Respawn Door is now disabled but visible with new model.

On complex programs with lots of legacy spaghetti, sometimes removing an entire feature can cause unexpected problems. And the easiest solution is the simplest solution…. Just put a lock on it.

Also, you may want to enable it again quickly again some day 😛 . RespawnDoorActive = true

A locked door? and she is a rogue? Easy pickings.

Well, I see chains but no lock to pick…

All the doors are also missing door knobs too- and no frames! It’s like they are mostly symbolic or something. 😀

There’s always “wait for someone to raise/resurrect you”
Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours depending on where you died
Of course Divine Intervention is nice too, no player turns down a free rez 😉

Lots of players turn down a free rez, some are just done and wanna respawn at town, some are being rez’d by the people that killed them, some have a penalty for getting rez’d on the field or cant be rez’d again later if they accept it now and it already looks like its going to be a wipe anyways so- best to just save it- lots of reasons to turn down a free rez! 😛

I had a silly idea of the elven goddess (ugh, I’m bad with names) to suddenly appear face-to-face finally, and go “Damn, you actually died? Did not expect that! Here, let me get that door for you, you still have work to do!” and give Kaylin an exception to use the respawn. Maybe with a conversation first (possibly even in flirt mode)

Hmmm…. yeah, this definitely bumps “The Singularity happened and they all got their minds uploaded into the game” up the theory list.

One of the options is if the original human player actually died or otherwise went offline while logged in and the game system just saved the player state and all information gathered through the control link for a later resume. If this is true, then it would explain why noone was looking for the players in this world as they are fully accounted of in the real world. This would also mean that all player minds are running on the same hardware as the NPC-s/MOB-s, just with a slightly different accessible features list. Also mean that they can’t really exit the game world or otherwise contact anything outside of it unless someone from outside (if it still exists at all) logs in. This would make the time scale also completly disconnected from the real world as without live players the game time could be much slower or much faster than the real time clock of the real world. So they could run for centuries with only a few seconds of irl time after all human players have logged off. Also the instance of this world could also be a fork of the human accessible instance and this could be checked if the timeline between the last irl date known by the active player characters and the current state is cleared up.

Imho the left tab was part of the original game engine, the right tab is locked by either a missing savepoint or as a feature (like requiring an external rez or something), while the middle one was added later and is the main cause of how the player characters ended up in the current world. They could just be player character state saves restarted much later, running on a (partial) copy of the original player’s neural network (aka. mind).

ps: Might be a nice reality check if they gather the last known irl date and all known irl events leading up to it as the irl save times could be widely different for each player character. For example there could be years or even decades between them, meaning the first arrived ones were saved many irl years before the last one. But this is a speculation and would need all possible irl info from all active player characters gathered together and cross checked.

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