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Oooh, attack boost per kill or per hit?

Looks like per hit.

Just so y’all know. 2 Things. Rush’s comment was made while Za’ira’s was hidden pending approval, the the now late appearing response that’s already been said, so not their fault.
And two! Its actually Attack boosts per kill, multiplied by the number of kills. So 1, then +2, then +3, +4, +5- there were roughly 8-10 people in the two packs of enemies that came. The Attack Up icons dont accurately represent this because the order in which they occur is based on when they die and the indicators vanish relatively quickly (to reduce on screen clutter :D) They stream off the last kill to show that the boost is – impressively high and at the moment of the kill. Going off the page. (In the original drawing before the crop they go beyond the page!
Why does it really matter? Well, if it was a skill that just allowed your attack to go up per hit, you could just use it against him and get crazy high attack buffs over time, this is a skill meant to help deal with crowds, and then take on an overpowered boss. It also naturally has a cap on how high it can actually increase the attack stat. The full number breakdown isn’t really something that needs to be broken down though as It’s meaningless unless I number out the entire system. No reason to do that because that would only introduce a place where I could mess up on something that’s not really important, but no reason to create the point of failure in the first place. Most of the game mechanics generally make sense for how the game functions, but the important part is the story and characters, only a few numbers even mean anything.

Hoo boy… So thats between 36 to 55 stacks of attack boost. That is definitely one way to power your way through defenses. Now the question is, is it Decaying stacks or a one shot one use stack, and if so, what skill will she use with it?

what exactly have they done?

They fed the king’s enemies (Kaylin specifically) a bunch of attack up power boosts. so now old kingy’s armor, that he loves to boast of, is little more than expensive tissue paper.

Next hit is going to deliver full damage, and if it hits a vital spot, like neck, head, or heart, it will crit for even more damage, and if that reduces him to 0, he’s dead, no amount of auto-potion use is going to help with that.

Oh wait, you were talking about the guy with blindsense didnt you?! He thought they had killed her:)

Glad you picked up on that. I was aware it could be a confusing statement because it lacks detail and expects people to figure it out on the very few context clues. This is a constant struggle with comics and time constraints. If this were a book I could write a whole page from his perspective to fill out every detail and reasoning for his statement. But as a comic I would either have to show it in detail taking away from everything else, make really dense exposition dialogue in the middle of a fight, or just hope those who get it get it and those who don’t can always ask. Then I get to read people’s conclusions and provide the lost details myself. If I had more time I would do end chapter write-ups to flesh out events and things like this, but I feel like most people wouldn’t bother reading them.

The Blindsense statement is confusing. I’m not sure if it is implying that he can’t detect her, or that he’s confused with all the killing happening. And if he’s blind and confused, how does he know about the ‘fire cat’?

While not vital to the story or anything. Most of the people who entered the fight had a gimmick they used to fight. They represent a bunch of different builds as each was trying to discover something they thought would put them in the good graces of the king (who they don’t know basically followed a guide on making one of the strongest tank builds). His gimmick is taking advantage of the blindsense skill to have an advantage in a fight, since he doesn’t have to rely on vision that can be blocked by darkness, blinding lights, fog/smoke etc etc. He can still see though and does use his normal vision to identify unfamiliar presences and then tracks them with his blindsense. He looses all traces of Kaylin who recognized his skill use and decided to highlight a weakness in his build. It’s not impossible to deceive blindsense. He’s never experienced it before but he thought she must have died in the fray since she disappeared from his senses as he’s now, with blood on his face, unable to visually confirm.

Naturally there is no time to explain this in a quick action scene, but there’s also no reason not to have him make the statement he would make in the situation. Much like a general boasting his secret family techniques passed down to him from generations past only for you to never see them as he’s slain before he can display them.

If I had just cut his line short then people wouldn’t ask for this clarification or figure it out on their own from the small clues presented like how in the previous page he was giving off a traditional swordmaster vibe.

Just remember these are low-level mooks. So one hot will kill them. So, it’s time for oodles of buffs for minimal effort! Huzzah!

Did the king know Kaylin had a skill like that, and if not, why did he send everyone away?

He did in fact know about the skill. He wasn’t sure what her class and skill set are, but he’s aware of most of the tactics used to fight his build. It’s all part of his focus, survivability. When dealing with this, there’s only a few options, so he’s done what he can. Initiate combat as soon as possible to prevent people from swapping equipment to something with armor piercing or anti-defense builds. Bluff as much as you can, pretend things don’t hurt while you secretly heal.
If this were Dark Souls, he’s basically been chugging Estus flasks the entire duel.

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