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Paradigm Shift – #15

Paradigm Shift – #15 published on 17 Comments on Paradigm Shift – #15

Callum’s access to his magic is extremely limited but he still has a few spells and abilities he can use without access to his focus and gear. Unfortunately, this Invader has a working focus to use more powerful spells.


should that be “adventurer’s strength” in the third bubble?

If it is adventurers plural possessive, it should be adventurers’. Speaking as non-grammarian, I don’t really mind.

Oh heck. Not pluralized/possessive rules. /o\

After trying to make sense of the CMOT’s take on them, I just go with “If it ends in S, and is possessive, just slap an apostrophe on it and walk away.” At some point, needlessly complex style guides get in the way of good writing more than they help it.

But yes, even using the venerable CMOT, this should be “adventurers’ ” if it’s plural.

—A Writer Who Hates Style Guides But is Doomed to Follow Them

Of course I meant CMOS. Mr. Dibbler has nothing to do with style at all.

Discussed this with Mihari, and It’s kinda weird. I’m going to go with the possessive title but we did see many things like “The Adventurers Guild” or “The Adventurers League” and these do not use possessive even when they are groups run by adventurers- but they also seem to be names. Either way I’m going to change it to Adventurers’ as its talking about the strength that belongs to adventurers.

hehe ,, a simple “Silence” 15 foot radius , spell on him, would throw a kink in his spells…

Evil and effective, however, something like that backlashes and affects the caster as well.


which is why you put the center of the spell 10 feet behind him… and stand 5 feet away from him

You’re assuming there is an area-of-effect silence spell, remember this world used to be an MMORPG, most silence spells in MMOs are single target and very short duration, in the interests of game balance.

all good,, was replying to Sogen.. an the second part , is why i said “IF” and most spells.. IE: this fight is taking place well under 120ft.. so moving out of area of effect (11ft in any direction.) would negate the effect.. but the “IF” i meant was ,, if target moved out of casting range (120ft.) of spell then that would also limit his casting…
BUT.! that is standard rules.! , and you are the GM (story teller) how you tell it is all your rules now.!! 🙂

In many games like Pokemon and other RPGs, the player character goes from bottom-rank to champion by spending just a little time randomly grinding against wild enemies. For story purposes your opponents’ power levels are locked – but what if they weren’t? If all the random opponents you face could get stronger at the same rate you did, the world would be much different.

It sounds like this Talithar group has done something like that – albeit possibly without the benefit of game interfaces and ‘cheats’ like resurrection that the original Adventurers enjoyed. And also possibly with some tradeoffs that come from not fully knowing what they were doing at the time.

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