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Paradigm Shift – #14

Paradigm Shift – #14 published on 19 Comments on Paradigm Shift – #14

Some magic can be performed without any kind of chant. Chants can also be done in different languages but usually they are strongest in the native voice of the person using it. Also, chants aren’t always a set line of words that must be spoken. It’s a plea to invoke the energy you’re are trying to produce.


Not an adventurer, but former boss or emergent magical NPC are both on the table.

Also that is one form-fitting robe he’s wearing.

And did you mean “Back lash” vs “Lash back”? The latter can work too but sounds a bit off.

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry

Hmm…some RPG systems have monsters with abilities that leech your levels away. In a situation like this, that would result in someone who knows enough of the ‘game’ mechanics to target the ‘better meals’. Is that the situation here?

Alternatively, it may be that they’re using the word in different senses. To Callum, the word “experience” is most familiar in the sense of a game mechanic, a numerical value tracking your progress towards new character levels. But it’s surprisingly easy to forget (*glares meaningfully at KoTOR2*) that that numerical value is just a shorthand representation of the more abstract concept of learning from and adapting to new challenges; learning from your life experiences. Hence the term. Experience points are used to standardize and quantify the value of the events your character experienced.

“How much experience has a child acquired” might well be referring to the latter usage. “What have you been through that has made you so knowledgeable”, as it were.

Has a lot to do with how Callum heard the word and how the foe didn’t react to his surprise or the way he called it EXP rather than just calling it experience. If it was something new to him or odd, he would have reacted unless he has a good “poker face”.

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