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It’s time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Leaving your powerful Nekomata Ally/Friend?/Mistress on overwatch while you jump into battle.
Bad Idea: Leaving your powerful Nekomata Ally/Friend?/Mistress on overwatch while you jump into battle, without discussing it with them first.

Kaylin seems almost too eager for the challenge instead of actually being concerned over what she might face. Here’s hoping that neither she nor Callum become the test case for “Do Adventurers still get to resurrect when killed”

Interesting – the cut-away back to Callum for two pages makes it look like more time had passed, at least as long as was needed for Callum and the ‘Archmage’ to have their conversation and spell/counterspell/spell sequence. We last saw Kaylin exiting the inn/tavern at a run, and now we see her reaching the wall – I guess that red-roofed building could have been where she emerged from? Depending on how you look at it that can seem enough time for Kaylin and Nyna to have some off-panel conversation, but I understand that narrative time gets wibbly wobbly during fast-paced events like this.

Oh and if was unclear the “good idea/bad idea” was intended as an animaniacs reference poking fun as much as anything else 🙂

What was going on with Callum and the Mage was what was happening while Henry explained what was going on and the tavern was further away than the building next door- however the point of showing the spell effect was to show that Kaylin got there just after that spell was cast- to show she made it there very quickly despite the likely distance. I don’t expect everyone to have a clear cut idea of how far and how fast she traveled- but they should all know that a teleport is fast, and that the big wall is well within the noble district which is likely a good distance away from the tavern considering it’s likely in a merchant district.

Of course I don’t expect everyone to think that far into it or assume a massive distance, but for those who want to think about it should be able to come up with those details at least. Then apply how quickly Kaylin and Nyna moved through a forest and then across land and back to the city in the previous when originally they said it would take nearly a month to go and back. Kaylin and Nyna managed it in less than a couple weeks (longer on the way back carrying a bunch of NPCs with them).

So the finale conclusion I hope people come to if they think about it is- Kaylin is probably more than twice as fast with one of those potions, but it only lasts about a minute. It wore off near the top of the wall so she free fell off the other side and kicked off much the say way how in a game you “double jump” to prevent fall damage. So all in all only about 2 minutes have passed from Callum’s fight starting and their short banter. More realistic than say- when a book describes a fight taking 30 minutes to an hour. Whenever I hear that I’m like – “Wait, did they start counting from the time they started traveling to the fight? Did they count the car ride over here? No one mentioned they had super human stamina.”

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