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Home Sweet Home – #22

Home Sweet Home – #22 published on 9 Comments on Home Sweet Home – #22

Even when she puts on the angry face Aiya is really more concerned about the fact that she’s risking the wrath of Elli, over the literal killer of the former god of Monsters, Kaala. (Also Elli is short for another name of a god that people should be able to figure it out- but if not, it is cleared up in story who they mean early next chapter!)


Ellisia is referenced as the ‘goddess of creation’ – seemingly the chief of the pantheon, if that still matters. So not surprising that Aiya would be more afraid of her than Kaala, though it’s still funny how she seems otherwise able to tease/push her own goddess around… most of the time anyway. It’s interesting to hear ‘little Elli’ though – that’d be like saying ‘little Zeus’?

Also apparently the archives aren’t quite clear on which is the ‘preferred’ spelling of her name: and are Ell*E*sia, but is Ell*I*sia, as well as the current page’s nickname.

This is the problem with proper names! They are very hard to spell check! Ellisia is the correct name- i had to double check myself to see if I had somehow changed from how I original wrote it and in the oldest script that I have written it is Ellisia, but one of the old pre-production images of her had the nick name Elle on it with an e. Thankfully- they are pronounced the same regardless XD
Also- I did make sure that her name was mentioned in full in the current chapter for anyone not wanting to dig so far back XD

Well we never get to know what Zeus´ siblings used to call him when they were little… who knows, they ight have caleld him little Zeus after all! Sadly all the ancient greek are gone and they never releaved that part about their gods. Only their incestous love life and all their antics…

Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone to call him “little Zeus”.

Zeus’ mom (the Titaness Rhea) hid him in a cave to be raised by a goat because her younger brother (the Titan Cronus) kept eating their children to stop them overthrowing him just as he did to his father (Primal sky deity Uranus).

Zeus didn’t meet any of his siblings until after he reached manhood and slipped his father an emetic provided by Gaia (Primal Earth deity) to make Cronus regurgitate, first the rock he swallowed instead of baby Zeus’, then all of Zeus’ (now adult) siblings.

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