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Rosestone – #01

Rosestone – #01 published on 13 Comments on Rosestone – #01

Chapter 2 Starts now! . . . Before the cover is done… I ran into some issues with designing the cover so I’ll add it in retroactively eventually. I also need to work on Kaylin’s profile. I need a decent design for it…


is having a incongruity in story nagging you an NPC only thing?

It’s more in the line of “Holy crap, this NPC actually remembers a very specific detail of something I said yesterday and is asking for clarification. That means this NPC AI is recording what I am saying and THINKING about it- even reasoning it out on it’s own!”
It’s a way of saying she’s actually impressed which means, this is somehow different from how the NPCs acted before.

Her fianceeeeeeee.

According to the blushing on the last pannel, I can’t disagree ! ^^

Mmmm – I wouldn’t count it as a blush- ( shows what I would consider a blush. 😉
So . . . I would think probably not a fiancée- yet, more like a serious boyfriend. (I would think in the usual quasi-medieval setting affiancing would be much more serious- and needing much more formal approval. However, since I am not anything close to the creator of this content, please feel free to disregard me utterly. 🙂 In fact, you could say I don’t know Jack.)

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