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I had this weird dream that I worked at a really crappy inn. In that dream some crazy lady set fire to stuff in her room and started chucking it out the window. But my boss didn’t want me in the inn past midnight and staying to stop the crazy lady made me stay late, so he fired me. That’s when I woke up and decided my life needed some “adventure” in it. Thus here I find myself… with you :3

so. HOW DOES ONE BECOME AN ADVENTURER? adventurers are seen by the people of this world as Demigods, uber-powerful beings that can’t be killed forever. but we all know that adventurers are just video game players. how to explain that to someone in this world. Kaylin’s got a real problem on her hands, explaining how she actually became an adventurer while not killing the person she’s explaining due to a heart attack and existential crisis.

“I was normal like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.”

But that would make her a guard, not an adventurer, right? And then she would have to stand around on guard duty while her brother is off fighting dragons and such.

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