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Home Sweet Home – #21

Home Sweet Home – #21 published on 10 Comments on Home Sweet Home – #21

Establishing the way gods work in Rune Aria, many of the gods are near identical to normal NPCs in this world, others are as if they were isolated from the world (God of Darkness for that second type).


“Normal people”. I would not class Aiya as normal in any way, shape, or form.

Nice page, though I would try to avoid reusing sentence elements in subsequent sentences unless it’s a major vocal tick.

“You know I’d never hurt a kid.” “I’m also a parent you know.” These are the main culprits here.

I’m thinking about if Kaala is an AI or an old player. Also how much does she know about what happened to the world? Even is she is an AI like the rest of the NPC-s, she must be older than anyone else we’ve seen so far.

I’d had a similar theory to guest and Red – that Kaala is an old player, and Sena is either ALSO a player or an old ally of theirs – such that it makes Kaala feel awkward for a friend they’d known in the past to address her as a superior like this.

That aside, the power dynamics we’re seeing here with her and Aiya are definitely interesting. I wonder how much Aiya has managed to manipulate her goddess, and how much of Aiya’s own ascension has been a result of that.

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