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WOW!!! Alya is a bit……KAALA is hereeeeeee!!!!

Sage capitalizes all of his Ls in the comic. Just a freindly tip.
Further regarding the talk of “not” tortureing Callum in Aiya’s defense old habbits die hard when the monkeys keep taking potshots at you from time to time, and he is an Adventurer and that could put him in a fuzzy place particularly since not all child avatars had children behind them.

This will be mentioned in more depth but just to head off any misunderstandings – Aiya wasn’t saying they planned to do it to the boy, she was confirming that such actions were unnecessary even though Kaylin proved to actually be one of the worse possible outcomes- an actual old time adventurer and not some new form of adventurer that might be different. Kaylin was proven to be of the same people that murdered Aiya’s people without mercy- however showed restraint and told the truth.

Neat look for Kaala! And so interesting already – she has a soft spot for Sena, and possibly a shared history with her? She almost seems sad to see Sena on the ground. Makes my mind spin theories about the nature of these ‘new gods’ – if someone ascends, does it hurt to see your old friends treat you differently?

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