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what party is she talking about did i miss something from teh comic ?

When they first headed to Callum’s village they ran into a few members of Nyna’s village. Kaylin killed one of them and intimidated the others.
The encounter starts on this page:

hmm i read teh part off teh encounter multiple times , even after the guys head explode, the rest especialy her uncle sais it was his own outcome , as far as i raed it, its just self defence, so i can safely asume that the rest of the party just told some mock up storie to nya’s mother , to safe ther own hide ?

i cant imagine nya’s mother would be doing teh same thing if she jnew what realy happend with the encounter.

just some speculation to understand nya’as mother

It’s very much a case of “Ok, so – wait- what ARE we going to tell Aiya?” “Nothing.” “But, Barry is dead-” “Oh… right… crap.” “We also don’t have Nyna with us.” “This is all that adventurers fault… Nyna was acting strange though. We will tell her we agreed that Nyna wasn’t in immediate danger, but we weren’t able to convince her to come home. We don’t need to say more, she’ll come to her own conclusion. We’ll tell her Barry provoked her, but that won’t be enough of a reason for Aiya to accept killing him as a reasonable response. It would also make it easier for her to understand after talking it out we decided it was safest to leave them be.”

Now- if i was writing a book, I’d have that scene in the book as a mini-chapter or a couple of paragraphs as a break in a chapter, but for a comic, it’s a lot of work to just explain something that should be how people interpret it. For example. If I have a character that says “They told me you ate the last doughnut”, and you know you didn’t, it should be obvious either the person is lying about being told that, or someone lied to them about you. So I expect that if I say “it seems the report didn’t show me in the most flattering light” or was “less than stellar” I hope people can infer that from the time they left and got back to the village they had come up with this version of events that showed them as not abandoning their mission and probably blames it on who they see as most likely a monster. (Remember, to Monsters Adventurers are crazy strong immortal people that go charging into caves and forest etc to murder everything in sight)

Oh, also, Kaylin probably shouldn’t have just killed Barry, that was very much an adventurer minded thing to do. Granted she’s new to conversing with monsters and Nyna is human looking enough it’s easy for her to forget, meanwhile Barry was a relatively low tier monster known for eating people more so than most… In the game world they are basically mystically empowered Goblin shapeshifters so – very smart for a goblin, still pretty stupid overall, vile and twisted, not great for conversation.

Dont need the apostrophe in get’s; should just be “She gets why-”

I’ll also say that those top two panels VERY succinctly summarize and explain a lot about the previous combat for the benefit of folks not reading these comments, so there should be a lot less vague about it now – nicely done! I could still see people thinking Kayin would have a chance against Aiya, but it’s no longer as important of a question. The telling pauses with Kaylin’s response to Nyna make me hope we’ll hear more of what Kaylin is REALLY thinking in the next page or two, but for now it’s given us a bit of closure.

There’s probably never a GOOD time to change scenes, but the “I”ll.. be fine… probably” is a decent final word I suppose.

On a side note I find it interesting that Kaylin says she was /forced/ to answer questions – does that mean the intimidation status compelled truth somehow, or is she just saying that being helpless forced her? It definitely makes the prior page where Aiya /thanks/ Kaylin for answering seem very different; I had hoped that it was a sign Kaylin’s cooperation was lowering tensions but instead it could have just been adding insult to injury. I’m actually curious what questions Aiya asked while she had an Adventurer at her mercy.

Kaylin did’nt fight back.. she let it happen… sowing seeds of resentment to the mother, and increasing her bond with Nyna.. maybe.

kinda feels weird for Kaylin to be doin that, i dont see a reason why Kaylin would want to ruin the relationship between a daughter and a mother, from what i gather so far, Kaylin just wants to get out of the game and back to the real world, she has expressed great concern bout tryin to return back and memories that werent ever there before, heck even great distress to it as well

Kaylin is pretty much needing Nyna to be around as comfort in multiple ways, since Kaylin has been quite a strange person to many NPCs, and although some may view that as using Nyna in a malicious way, its natural to need comfort and to seek it out, especially for social creatures, it plays a vital part in trying to get through stressful times and Kaylin being trapped in a game is very much a stressful time

and even though Kaylin is seeking comfort, there would be no gain to ruin a relationship between Nyna and her mom, Nyna seems to be very willing to help out Kaylin, even to a point where she wants to fight, putting herself in harms way, if she were fighting for fun then she might not be so eager to face very high ranking enemies(at least, that guy in Callum’s village seemed like that kind of foe, but my memory aint the best)

You are right that it was never Kaylin’s intention to become a wedge between Nyna and her mother, at first she didn’t fight back because she didn’t want to hurt her, then she had the realization, Aiya is WAY stronger than an Elite Nekomata should be and before she could even try anything, she was being held underwater unable to escape.

Now as for Kaylin wanting to leave the game- I don’t know where you get that from. She want’s to know why and how she got here- but she’s actually terrified of trying to actually leave the game. Kaylin is the dominate personality, not Kevin, Kevin is a blip in her new 300+ year life. She has well over 200 years of memories as Kaylin, and only a little over 25 years as Kevin. Now, the idea of her wanting to specifically not leave- is not clearly stated, but it is clear she wants to know more about the mystery of why and how, her not wanting to leave though is entirely different. People like Mike though probably think she NEEDS to leave- considering her mental state.

Ah, as I have said my memory is not that great. I actually forgot his name was Kevin. XD
I did get the feeling that Kevin and Kaylin were practically like separate entities sharing a body while I was typing what I said last time. But, because I forgot Kevin’s name I guess I just went with saying Kaylin.

Of course, there is some influences that Kevin has on Kaylin(besides sexuality). Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised that would mess with Kaylin later down the line of the story. Like, when Kaylin/Kevin was expressing concern over memories that weren’t ever written down. It looked like a split between them Kaylin and Kevin was happening. Because, Kaylin would naturally remember those things, but that’s news to Kevin and is just so bizarre. It was as if both Kaylin and Kevin was there at the same time. Hence, why Kaylin/Kevin was freaking out. So, it’s already showing a little bit on that kind of thing.

Two people sharing a body; I would imagine that, that’s very stressing and confusing. I never had anything remotely close to that feeling, but I can still see how that can really mess with someone’s mind/mental state. So, I can see why some people may think it would be best if they were separated from sharing one body.

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