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You’d think they would be smart enough to stay downwind xD

Actually such a thing doesn’t matter at all. The game world doesn’t simulate scents moving on the wind. Only Stealth skills and use vs passive/active senses to detect hiding targets. Nyna is taking the time to stop and put some effort into detecting creatures and noticed some. The two of them aren’t exactly trying to be stealthy either so sensing them moving through the forest would also be easy. Nyna doesn’t understand it as a “perception check” thing, just that her keen senses detected something familiar up ahead.

Am reminded of the old movie Firefox, where Eastwood “Must think in Russian…” For all of us here (and our heroine) we “Must think in game terms…” hehe 🙂

and nw i also want to rewatch Gamers 2: The Dorkness Rising (for those game terms moments xD)

I once read in “The Futurist” that by 2045 innovation in robotics, nanotechnology, genetics and computers would make it impossible to distinguish between the organic and the mechanical, or between virtual and physical reality. The author called this event the Singularity. It sounded to me like an inside out video game.

If we assume that the A.I.’s running MMORPG’s are among the most advanced on the planet by 2045 then we are talking about something like Log Horizon happening. The characters have mentioned seeing more stars in the skies, being more aware of temperature variations and being able to have sex where they couldn’t before. They are clearly no longer limited to the structure of their respective games.

Until Sage tells us otherwise I will treat the story as a post Singularity tale.

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