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One can only hope that we’re in for Kaylin raising up her aspect and finally showing us what an avatar of a real world player is capable of. Cue dramatic, world shattering music.

Hoping for an Overlord-style showdown? XD

Mmmm … not really. First off this is no way a criticism, more of a wish. I’ve been onboard and have enjoyed every single page of AI, but I’ve always been curious to see just how powerful Kaylin is in this world. It almost seems as if Sage has been teasing us in this regard. So, maybe not something WORLD shattering, but Earth shaking. Something to let the locals know that there is a new POWER in their world and letting the word spread that one does not want to f*ck with it. Remember when Galadriel did her “All shall love me and despair.” thing? I dunno, maybe it’s not in Kaylin’s character to make such an ostentatious display of power, but one can wish… Also, Nyna’s clanmates seem to be bigoted, arrogant asshats. Seems to me that unless they are given an example of “you REALLY don’t want to mess with me” power, that they will always look down on her and as a subject for challenge. Plus they are threatening Nyna with death. an example should be made.

Given that Bandit incident before i think Kaylin tends to understating her power, with the whole sneakiness of a thief, looking as unsuspicious as possible.
So i don´t think she will fight unless she or Nyna get attacked.
A demonstration of power could be an option, but she only showed Nyna how powerful she really is on mere accident because that Mantis Assassin thing surprised her.
Yet you made good points with which i can agree.

“You uh, do realize that shes the only thing keeping you all alive right now right? I mean its been AGES since you met anyone like ME.”
‘oh yeah like one Dark Elf can do that much damage..’
“Your not dealing with the average Dark elf at the moment. For I am FAR.. beyond the realms of those simple creatures.”

That won´t happen, Kaylin is more the kind who wants to be underestimated so her opponents give her openings she can thrust weapons in should the need arise.
Which she has proven an multiple occations, like with those Blood Claw Bandits.

Hmm, this world run on mmorpg logic right? Would’nt that mean that the system got that nifty system which scare of creatures deemed to lowlevel for the player to fight? What i mean is that those monsters should sense that Kaylin is far more powerfull than she appears to be.

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