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The fact that their journey’s length was just called out, and Nyna responded confidently, means they are clearly doomed to a long trek. 🙂

What could possibly go wrong…

just about anything i would guess
but probably not the moon falling on them

It’s to soon to rule that out, it’s a world with literal gods running around. We dont know the limits of what magic can do in this world ether. And worst of all, you the idea in front of phil. Now the idea is in his mind, he should choose to use it at any point.

That almost never happens anyway. Maybe once or twice, and even then it’d be in a video game worl… oh wait.

i was not saying it was impossible in the setting
just that is way to over used for sage to use it
i hope anyway

Ah but knowing it’s overused makes it something Phil would expect which would make the likelihood of it happening highter because unexpecting the expected is what’s expected. Unless he’s expecting that you expect that and.. Does anyone else taste copper?

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