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‘your mother’, not ‘you’re mother’. But other than that, love this page. XD I’ve noticed you’ve been adding more details on the background, and I love your artwork style for the characters regardless. Plus, this whole scenario is hilarious. XD

Kaylin is showing some defiance by correcting Aiya, that is good. And Nyna sticking up for her must be earning her some brownie points as well.

this is similar to BDSM play.. Kaylin was going to let it slide until Mom said it was play.. you do not “Play” with ones pet (sub) without prior approval.! .. if this was pack dominance .. then Kaylin would have left it at ,. “it’s fine.” ..
as owner (dom) Nyna has to correct the offender an broker reparations for her pet.!

I wrote this message out ten ways, but each felt very confrontational and angry. Instead I’ll just say this:

Please don’t conflate actual violence, slavery, and abuse with BDSM.

Yes, as someone who had regularly interacted with subs and doms during my time in Second Life, I can attest that BSDM does not equate to those things. BDSM is an interesting way of of life, for sure and while there are many aspects that I still strive to understand about it, I have come to see it for what it is and what it is not. I have also come to respect those who walk that path and I often find myself coming to their defense if someone ignorantly tries to suggest things like BSDM equals domestic violence or what not. Because it doesn’t. Period. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t done their research into it enough.

Aiya is becoming less and less likeable in each appearance. “it was just play” and “The fun part is debatable” clearly DO NOT help her case, at all.

Aiya wants to downplay the whole thing of course because she now knows what she did was unnecessary. Now that she is sure that Kaylin is not a threat she has to deal with the downside of her actions- which naturally she doesn’t want to deal with and Kaylin could have made it so much easier for Aiya by actually playing along. While Kaylin might be laying down she isn’t taking this lying down and is forcing Aiya to have to deal with Nyna’s anger.

While Nyna is no threat to Aiya physically of course either- She does love her daughter and doesn’t want her to be mad at her. As far as Aiya is concerned though it’s over. She just needs to be vigilant to maintain the safety of her people and village. That’s Aiya’s perspective and she knows there’s going to be fall out for her actions- she just doesn’t want them because as far as she is concerned she did what was best for everyone- Well everyone but Kaylin but at the time she had no concern for some creature her daughter brought home with her.

Naturally Kaylin though- this does not just suddenly end. Her girlfriend’s mother is a psycho that tried to murder her in the shower- i mean- the bath (see what i did there? Sage you clever man…), Kaylin doesn’t have the luxury of actually believing it’s all over so everything is fiiiiine- she gets to constantly worry that as soon as Nyna leaves or goes to sleep Aiya is gonna jump her again. Such is the fear of dealing with someone you now think is totally crazy.

Curious to see where this conversation will go. Kaylin has disrupted Aiya’s attempt to minimize or hide what happened. In a sense the ‘battle’ is now back on Kaylin’s favored turf – wordplay. Silver Tongue may already be in use.

From author discussion on previous pages we know there’s more to both Aiya and Kaylin’s motivations and internal thoughts than “Asserting Dominance”, but so far that’s all that has been said aloud. Maybe with Nyna here to force explanations more of that will come to light for the benefit of readers who dont read all this commentary as the comic progresses.

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