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Hmm. I’ll just say I don’t like Aiya and leave it at that.

Its a crude, and perhaps rude, way to determine someone’s credentials. But you can’t deny its efficiency. Unless something else is going on, this is likely the only attack that Aiya will make against Kaylin, or, if Aiya isn’t satisfied, there may only be a couple more. But if she’s going to let her daughter’s pet declare they’re an original adventurer, her position demands that she at least make sure Kaylin is up to snuff.

I’m lost already????

She doesn’t trust Kaylin yet. An old adventurer (a player) should be more leveled than a new adventurer. Aiya was considered an Elite: A being that, even Sage admitted, players don’t normally solo unless they have a very high level compared to the Elite’s level. Aiya created a situation to strip Kaylin of her armor to make it easier to see if her stats/skills were only related to the armor she wore or if she really was an old adventurer (a player). The lack of gear for Kaylin would make it easier for Aiya, in case Kaylin’s level is high enough for her to solo take down Aiya.

Kaylin’s reaction to an incoming attack would probably be the best way to determine if she is an original adventure or not as skills for evasion and foresight take time to level up or master. Sure you can get lucky on the first and second dodge, but can you consecutively dodge all of the attacks? Mastering this skill can be very useful if you take damage from a boss like enemy and you need to buy time to passively heal, or to get access to an opening from a heavy attack.
This will be a nice cat fight.

wondering when this would happen .. the Elite (momma) has to know if her baby is playing with the real deal,. or just some wanna be trying to play an end game…
and of course ,, “Why Now.?” why is the ‘adventure’s ‘ coming back now.??

also IF she is a real deal,,. she will have gear (tricks) with her… (like collar , is storage device..)

Isn´t the storage device the arm rings?
She took them off, the collar might have some magic propberties, but is probably not for storing stuff.
Or is that info from the novel?

There’s a novel? Why have I just now heard about it? And where can I find it?

This is a misunderstanding of what I’ve said. The AI comic is heavily scripted out in advance. Many webcomics are made as they go or partially scripted. AI is plotted far into advance and fully scripted 1-2 chapters in advance. There is no “novel” of AI, but I do enjoy writing. Maybe I’ll write more in the future and make some Light novels to put on Amazon sometime.

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