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Home Sweet Home – #12

Home Sweet Home – #12 published on 7 Comments on Home Sweet Home – #12

There’s some rules in Japanese bathing at hotsprings that say you shouldn’t have your hair loose in the water of the spring… That nerdy fact though does not apply in a video game where bacteria and dirt and other things contaminating water doesn’t happen. Also- hairs don’t randomly fall out and make a mess. That would be a waste of processing power!


Remember that Kaylin’s size represents all the way, and then brought back a bit 🙂 Early character creation had a similar picture of her.

While it’s not a given that monsters use the same type of character models, it wouldnt be surprising for SOME of them to make use of the system for expediency’s sake – see any number of Bethesda fallout/skyrim/etc games.

I do find it interesting that Kaylin claims she couldnt hear Aiya enter. Nyna tripped the “barely hear them” threshold – so it does suggest the mother is much stronger. Still curious about the eye-gleam from earlier…

God, that comment about bacteria and dirt made me think of this anime I attempted to watch. This guy buys an old MMO that basically killed the idea of ‘total realism’ by sucking as much as real life. Not 5 minutes in the game and he finds the game not only has full pain sensing but also the ‘best friend’ NPCs will beat the crap out of him to stop him from doing anything but picking apples. Also that NPCs can die like regular people, which he discovers when, in a fit of rage after having the tar beaten out of him, he throws a punch at his ‘best friend’, accidentally hitting the knife the guy was eating off of and causing it to stab through the guy’s mouth and out the back, through his spine, killing him instantly.

Basically, I’m glad VR MMOs in the future understand that fun should be first and foremost.

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