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I’m betting that without her weapons, Kaylin couldn’t actually seriously hurt Aiya—and I bet Aiya knows that. Hence, she wants Kaylin to try her best and take a swing.

As always, great use of punctuation in this. All too often I see comic artists using ellipses to break off a sentence (like in panel 6).

As much as I want to see Kaylin own Aiya, I am getting the distinct feeling that Aiya will end the fight before Kaylin can do anything seriously damaging having been satisfied by Kaylin’s show.

Remember what she did to that vampire a while back?

There are a few extra details here.
#1 : Npc’s and monsters are realised known entities here so that causes some hesitation
#2 : Kaylin doesn’t want to risk actually harming her partner’s Mom. Despite all of this we REALLY dont actually know how powerful Kaylin really is. If shes really forced to go all out… things may end VERY badly.

There is also the chance that she is really less powerful than Aiya, whether it´s because she lacks any boni her clothes and equipment gives her, or Aiya really is just plain stronger.
Or Kaylin doesn´t dare to strike back fearing she could risk losing Aiya´s protection from the other monsters, she might be able to take on a couple, but the entire village would overwhelm her, she mentioned that “Wormface” was a serious threat.
Plus losing Aiya´s protection might also lead to Callum getting endangered, something Kaylin definitely wants to avoid.
Monsters might have sworn a non-agression oath towards kids, but collateral damage might still occure.

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