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Whilst I know the last frame is quite probably Aiya trying to drown Kaylin…i cannot help but smirk a tad lewdly at picturing the Nekomata Mom holding Kaylin “down there” between her thighs for….reasons….*coughs*

Wait why’s Aiya’s right arm missing the fur from elbow down?

I kinda have to think Kaylin isn’t even trying here. Anyone remember the Mage she took down? From the looks of things he hit her with a pretty high level spell and she just shrugged it off.

I think Aiya is going to be in for a bit of a surprise.

To be fair THERE though, she was fully geared.

Ok let’s see if I’m successful with my comments this time.

Firstly, so many serious questions and long discussion about Kaylin power and if she’s really trying in this fight.
All I’m thinking is this fight is sexy as hell!!!
Great work.

Second wondering between the two of them who’s got the bigger chest? And really wondering what is the position of Kaylin’s head and face under that water right now? Because it looks almost like…well…

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