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And how soon before the Space IRS comes to see how he suddenly got all this money he’s never paid taxes on?

Probably never. I can’t think of a space game/setting that uses Income Tax. They tend toward sale/trade/transaction taxes, along with other sinks like “Vending Machine License Fees”.

An advantage of being able to track every transaction between accounts, for everything. Except for godly admin overrides.

We don’t have enough information on what that god did. technically it could have transferred the amount from the system to his account. This is basically the way the government sends money to you. The finance ministry sends the money from their account at the fed to the account of your bank, which in turn increases your account balance by the amount.
Games tend not to have so much complexity behind your bank account, but the management can usually just adjust your in game currency balance. Even in the real world it is not that hard for the one issuing the currency, like your government to create more. While there has to be someone to sort of have create the money by getting a loan, in practice the government has to issue a good part if it from thin air (or how it is usually done nowadays by borrowing from themselves, ie. issuing bonds which in turn are bought by the fed, or by banks which in turn sell it to the fed), or there would not be enough money around for everyone to buy things, as the remaining money in the system is something somebody else has taken a loan for. (but that definitely is off topic).

Long story short, we don’t know what the god actually did – i could very well be a transaction by whatever stands for a government in that world. Mike might have to pay tax on it in that case, but even a sort of ancient god should be familiar how money works, just increasing the amount (ie. “hacking” the bank) would amount to money forgery (unauthorized minting of money)

This SO reminds me of when the Beyonder came to Earth after Marvel’s first Secret Wars to learn about Humans. After he was informed that money made people happy, he turned and entire skyscraper into gold and walked off…
… the government quietly disposed of the entire building into the depths of the ocean since it would have wrecked the world economy…
Both the Beyonder and the God of Darkness has caught the gist of it but miss the big scope by a lightyear! XD

OH GOD NO!!!! We are getting a lesson in basics economics. May I suggest this video on what NOT to do? youtu be/32F_MH-A8Wc

I like cartoons.

EVE Online does income tax, though it goes to your guild/corporation you’re part of. And most space games have Ammo style mechanics, where you’re able to hulk out with the best gear/ammo, but leave no viable method for any action you take to “pay for” the ship in a reasonable amount of time, or even cover consumed ammo. So suddenly getting unspendable sums of money, is probably the worst possible cheat power in the right space game.

A game trying to be something survival like Recettear where you’re trying to defeat a loan, probably has some tax like mechanics.

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