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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 07

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 07 published on 17 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 07

Do you want a snack that bites back? Try Dyno Bites! They have an Explosion of flavor in every molecule! Oh, and yeah- being an AI god of darkness and space mr creepy can just kinda phase through solid objects- so there was no explosive decompression when he arrived, he just, walked in. But that should be obvious- seeing as… he’s alive.


‘Your machine’ not ‘You’re machine’. But still, this is hilarious.^^

Here’s a way to explain the funds in a way that can be understood for him:

Back in the ancient past, trading was used to procure items from others peacefully. But, since there was never a guarantee that you’d have what is needed for the trade, or vice versa, a middleman concept was created that was easier for people to earn, known as money. By having it cost money in place of direct trading, anyone could get nearly any item if they have enough money to pay for it.

I think an explanation like that could help him understand. XD

That unfortunately doesn’t explain the part he doesn’t get. He can understand “money” but he doesn’t understand how the credit system of Star Parade which is mostly about contracts, deals, stipends, advances, licensing of creations and fees. “This says it cost 199.” “Yes” “I have 500.” “Yes” “I buy it, I have 285, where did 16 of it go?” “Fees” “I WILL KILL THIS “FEES” WITH MY CLAWS!”

This is gonna sound crazy but the King of the Dark feels familiar to me for some reason. Also nice coat and how are the dino bites made is it like a star trek replicatior or the fabricator from prey cause why would there be licensing on food?

Because you live in a world where people can make anything, the only way for it to still work with an economy is licensing. You want this particular brand of food? You need to pay for the right to make that food, because they made it, and released it with licensing. If you make a potato chip flavor that no one has ever made before or is different enough from others that its considered “different” you then either sell it to a company or you license it yourself or- you “foolishly” release it for free and don’t make money off of your work! Whenever someone makes your chips you get sent amount of money for your item being used.

There’s plenty of “free” food you can make- but why would you want that generic stuff- WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A SNACK THAT HAS A DINOSAUR WITH SUNGLASSES AND A HEAD MADE OUT OF A STICK OF DYNOMITE AS A MASCOT?

Or more simply, this isn’t Star Trek, this is certainly Capitalism IN SPAAAACE!

what does happen to the money payment currency when you can’t get more of it in a game isekai story? I mean they explained what happened to the banks and what have you in Kaylin’s game but like with a story from Mike’s game or in general would people who primarily use them just die or what and why does Mike’s game still require credits to make a snake?

Different games have had different changes, the credit system is the sci-fi system for their banks, and there wasn’t some depository for coin or anything like that that vanished. Credit is just stored in a banking database, so when a bunch of players vanished- the money didn’t go with them, that money was still in the system.

I haven’t said how much time has passed in the space game, Rune Aria had a 300 year jump- that doesn’t mean every other game did, some may have had some, some may have just had more- obviously accelerated time still happened. So in that time their accounts could have been draining to pay for their ship upkeeps, docking fees, storage fees, subscriptions etc. So Mike can still buy stuff, and he has to pay for certain things he makes in addition to using power to make it, which costs fuel, which- is thankfully not a big deal for him. If you are flying around in a ship that can carry other ships in a game like that, you probably have plenty of money, he just doesn’t want to be frivolous with his money- or have a freeloading god on his ship.

Ah yes, the concepts of economy.
When you are used to just get your stuff and it´s paid by someone else, you might end up not understanding how the whole give-and-take thing around it works.
I just hope the goddess learns it fast, because economy is literally people living.
Though that was one funny resolution of the quasi-Alien set-up you did for the Space Captain.

I love the fact you came up with all that stuff for Star Parade. I LOVE the extra lore authors think up that, in general, don’t have much impact on the story but are cool tidbits. Like all the bits about hobbits, and pipe weed. I’m trying to write a book myself, and I keep getting bogged down in the lore I’m writing. It’s literally “Okay this thing is happening in the story, and this is why it’s important. Oooo but here’s an idea for the historical significance of this thing that’s happening, and the myriad side-effects that happened from the last time such a thing happened. Better write that down.” Probably going to need a full lore section, or a separate volume.

Tax tend to be different dependent on region. Here in the EU prices have to be with included VAT if the thing in Question is sold to an customer (B2B is a different matter). It is listed on the receipt which part is tax.

I think it is not a good idea to go into the nitty gritty of economics in a story, as it is VERY easy to get inconsistent. (Well even IRL a lot of supposed scientists get it wrong, or more accurately blindly believe in their overly simplified models even if the assumptions inherent in them are not fulfilled in the given real situation. Hence why for example the predictions for Greece were completely wrong post 2008…). IMHO hand waving how the fantasy economy stays stable is a better idea than trying to make it work, as even scientists have a hard time with our economy, so the chances of you getting it right AND explaining it in a way so it won’t trip disbelief in an knowledgeable reader is hard if not impossible.

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