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Hey Sage, love the comic, been a fan since the starting days of Yosh! and its going great!

Wanted to let you know I spotted a grammatical error on the last panel, shouldn’t the second question be ‘Who am I now?’ instead of ‘Who I am now?’ ? Not that it matters a lot, just thought I’d let you know, whether it warrants fixing or not.

Both are correct – the one I went with works more for her conversation since she just said “I want to know more about-” English is weird

Oh interesting. I thought since it wasn’t part of the same sentence, and that it was phrased as an explicit question and not as an
implicit one that it would be grammatically incorrect. I read it weird because of the question “What has changed?” preceeding it, which led me to place the inflection on the second question incorrectly and made it sound weird (which is usually the metric I use to realize when something isn’t right, worked great for Cambridge’s Advanced English certificates!). But now that you mention it I managed to read it with the right inflection and it doesn’t sound wrong anymore, so I’ll gladly take this correction back at myself.

English is indeed weird.

Still prefer it more than spanish though hahaha.

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