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Fallen Star – #23

Fallen Star – #23 published on 11 Comments on Fallen Star – #23

If anyone is confused by what he said about being paralyzed, he means that there was a good chance that if his internal cybernetics were considered items, their Item IDs wouldn’t match something usable in the same way, making him unable to use his cybernetic parts- which is actually most of him.


Mike this is why you need to read the fine print in everything you look at. Also the “Wait What” bit never gets old for when you find something out that you simply assumed but got the answer hitting you harder than a freight train is just comedy gold. Mike no need to make this awkward cause you are both stuck being people you are not.

Yeah… This guy is clearly from a different age of the internet if he assumes a female pc is actually a female irl

This was addressed early on in the comic that the VR full dive system has been known to cause minor (and short term) disassociative disorders in people who play as a different gender or even as something too wildly different from a physical standpoint to what they are (for example playing something much taller or much shorter can cause minor bouts of paranoia about being too tall or too short IRL). While they have reduced these effects drastically from the first versions of Full Dive and it’s a lot less of an issue, they still warn people of the possibility of the symptom occurring and it has reduced the number of people taking the risk when it comes to long VR sessions like gaming. Thus- It’s far less common for people to play as different genders than their real life selves.

So, I take it Mike doesn’t know Kaylin is actually a guy. I wonder how he’s gonna process that information.

On the one hand, I question whether Kaylin is “actually a guy” and isn’t at least trans in some respect, whether that be non-binary, genderfluid, or even just a full on binary woman, given their lack of concern of playing in neurally interfaced VR as a woman (“I’ve never had that [dissociative disorder] issue, though the voice changer can take a little to get used to”) while seemingly being a guy in meatspace.

Sure, Kaylin is saying they identify as male based on what memories they have, but they could’ve just never really addressed it in meatspace (despite the likelihood of education about LGBTQIA+ people being more progressive in the year this comic is set).

However, this can only really be confirmed by word of god or later in the comic’s story, so while there are plenty of hints at Kaylin’s subconscious gender, I’ll wait to see if it gets addressed.

Cybernetics too, nice. I like that they’re getting into this… I’m sure Nyna is listening into this conversation with her superior hearing and not understanding a thing.
But… my inner editor/grammar nazi is glaring at the “You’d think my biggest issue {has} been the gender change…”, and wanting me to point out that it’d be better as “You’d think my biggest issue {would’ve} been the gender change…” (I usually try not to nitpick, but I’m tired and worn out and my inhibitions’re lowered a little atm. But hey, if it helps, then yay)

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