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He is aware enough to know his outfit is silly. I now feel better about the game he was playing knowing that his outfit is not standard; though my opinion of Mike has gone down a little because payed real money for that DLC, I hope that DLC was not only that outfit.

No, with this DLC, he also got a retro looking gun and a new hair cut. Also, a sweet new graffiti for his ship.

The Hair Style is not part of the outfit (The Gun Totally is but he doesn’t need to have both equipped), I don’t know what you are talking about with graffiti for his ship, and the main reason he has the outfit on is he practically never sees himself in the outfit when playing his game. In Star Parade, while inside your ship you usually use the ship sensors to view the area of space around your ship, giving a tactical view rather than a cockpit view. So Normally, 90% of the time you don’t have to see yourself… or even feel what you are wearing.

Just a thought what conents happens to be in such DLC packs with no proof ^^*
You can change your outfit, your weapon, get a possible hair styling and cosmetics for your space ship, like a graffiti.
So, Star Parade is a little bit like Elite: Dangerous or such games?

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