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Fallen Star – #24

Fallen Star – #24 published on 14 Comments on Fallen Star – #24

Priorities are different for everyone, and when your character is known for being flirtatious you can’t just change what you are. At least now Kaylin realizes she’s not really Kevin anymore, unfortunately that means Mike sees her as a crazy combination of a real person and an NPC.


Five bucks says that when they turn around to look a mike’s spaceship someone is going to be in the process of stealing it.

You can send that five bucks to me via patreon or PayPal.

Well that opens a completely new can of worms for me. Is the reason why the Kaylin persona is so strong is because Kevin is either dead or not in the control seat anymore. Is Kaylin in fact an emotional AI??? Who knows with time dilation. Is Mike in the same situation? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

It could be because Kevin viewed Kaylin as a separate persona instead of an avatar of himself. While he controlled the character he never thought of himself as it. Mike on the other hand, made a version of himself in space with retro armor

The retro suit was forced on him, he didn’t pick it.

The retro suit was not forced on him – he totally picked it. However, in his game you rarely are in first person or moving around as a pilot. You are hooked into your ship and viewing everything from a more tactical view of the ship. Now that he’s in his physical body – he finds it annoying to have a spandex like retro suit. He mostly picked it for the retro blaster though (which he can have and not be in the outfit). However, he doesn’t have access to an inventory like Kaylin does, he needs to be able to access his ships cargo to swap outfits, and it doesnt work on the planet.

but the real question is: is it really possible and there is no limits or do you only think it must be possible and your going to be disappointed

Uhhh, she says it IS possible to do things they couldn’t originally… to imply she has done something. Don’t think I actually need to say what any of that is, surprised I need to explain that because I thought that last line made it really clear. Not to forget to mention that Nyna said some of her people like to “fool around” like that.

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