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what the fuck is wizard going to do with a space ship. . .no seriously how the hell is a wizard going to get a space ship to work in a world of magic?

Most likely I can think of is just a really powerful levitation or throwing spell. Or, if long-distance teleportation is possible, just teleport it into space. Those would all probably take a ton of power to do, so it’s unlikely there’s an NPC wizard still existing strong enough for that, so they may have to seek out another PC

okay throwing spell I can see but where are we going to find a wizard capable of that pretty sure that is like the equavalince of a dude capable of throwing a mountain or at least a very big hill

provided the teleportation spell only cares about distance, then getting the ship into space will be easy for any wizard that can teleport between cities.

Telekinesis or teleportation. If the ship gets far enough away from Rune Aria’s physics engine, it should start working again.

okay but counter if the ship stopped working becuase of the physics engine of Rune Aria then won’t a wizard’s teleportation or Telekinese stop working when it gets near the edge of the physics engine just like how the ship did?

He’s not. The wizard’s job is simply to launch the ship into the stratosphere, where (hopefully) the rules of Fantasy lose sway and the rules of Sci-Fi take back over.
Mind you, if they are wrong about any part of that theory it could end very badly.

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