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so his ship don’t work cause this game doesn’t use a mount/transport vehicle that matches it?
also his gun is now a master class magic object . . .I call both Haxx and broken game function on this

technically, his gun fires plasma, which IS lightning. So yeah, it actually really is a tier 9 lightning wand, good stuff

so would a regular gun be a tier 9 Arbalest?

Regular pistol I’m guessing would be closer to a crossbow enchanted with extra speed and smaller size. Unlike movies, pistols really are not good for any decent range. Not sure what that would equate to Tier wise (we really haven’t been given any appropriate comparison yet). A machine gun on the other hand…. yeah, that probably would be jumping up in tier a fair bit. High speed micronized arbalest!

It’s not really about what an item would be considered. If a handgun brought into the game shared the ID with a pair of boots, technically you could equip the handgun to your feet. It wouldn’t function as a gun at all, just look really weird and have any stats that that particular ID of boots provided. He’s saying he’s lucky that his gun is associated with any weapon at all, otherwise it would just be a useless item like his scout ship is now.

Curiouser and curiouser, there is no way different areas of the same game could have different item ids let alone different rules. The program would at the very least glitch horribly but it’s far more likely to simply crash; code is kinda sensitive. An object that lacks an item code simply would cease to exist.

Side note, in Kaylin’s last speach baloon “it’s” should be “its”.

I get the feeling this is more like a case of “personal worlds” interacting. You have your character, and their close surroundings, cached in memory, with more preloaded (and discarded) as you move. Introduce a patch to the game, it may but need not have an immediate effect unless you’re about to interact with something already patched. A character you haven’t played for years, is upgraded. One once used to alpha-test, is not rejected due to incompatibilities, but adjusted. Migrate to a different game, the same correction mechanism makes you fit into extant rules without a fuss.

It is inevitable that problems exist. Game devs do more covering up than fixing.

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