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I am surprised that Nyan is not happy in her current position.

Who said she’s not happy with it? Nyna’s perfectly capable of climbing, but why bother when she can nap and let Kaylin do all the work?

Nyan’s face in 2nd to last panel and comment in last panel does not scream happy to me; they scream unhappy; very unhappy.

She might not have looked forward to climbing the big tree (she doesn’t have the wall- / treewalking ability that Kaylin has, she would have to do actual climbing), but the last panel, to me, wasn’t her being unhappy but more of her tsundere act while she contently nuzzled into Kaylin’s chest.

Yeah, she had no interest in climbing a giant tree so this is her solution. It’s also a good chance to show again that she has this ability (Which comes from her chest piece and not her boots like most would assume). It also is just cute imo that Nyna lays on Kaylin like shes laying on a branch of a tree which is very cat like while also hugging Kaylin. Also relatively unique as I’m not familiar with seeing this done anywhere else. Also works well with the next comic scene.

Agreeing with Sage, here. Its cute story-wise, and adorable how Nyna is all kitty-like enjoying the ride, hehe. I did something akin to that in a tabletop game, Sage, but you pushed it way more funny and definitly cuter than I did. Thumbs up ! 🙂

Was going so well until the last panel… Might I suggest she climb with all 4 limbs and Nyan grips a-hold of her from the back?

Why would she do that when she has the magical ability to walk up walls that was established last chapter?

Went through the last chapter again and don’t see it. Can you point it out to me?

(Not the same guy obviously but:) Huh, the first one, I never caught on she was standing on the side, I thought she was somehow holding onto the beam above her. Aaaand I forgot about the line talking about it, must have glossed over it when I was reading the first time. I appreciate you showing it off more blatantly this time around and having the patience to explain these things to your audience!

They are ignoring a side quest, this irks me greatly.

If this were a game I would agree! Unfortunately there’s a ticking clock and failing a main mission to attempt a side quest? Which is worse? As far as writing a story is concerned, it would be irresponsible to go on a side quest when you have a ticking clock. This isn’t like Fallout 4 where you can just ignore your son while you build a sick community and help settlements. Time doesn’t stop for everyone until you come along!

Yeah, the main reason why most games let you do quests in any order despite how illogical that might be lore-wise is just because from the player’s perspective it is more fun to not be rail-roaded into doing quests in a “logical” order

Your Fallout reference is appreciated, but comes boomeranging back at you because of the original. In there the main quest was a time limit. Sure, you could delay it a bit by arranging some water deliveries so you’d have some leeway to do sidequests.

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