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Blood Claw Bandits – #26

Blood Claw Bandits – #26 published on 16 Comments on Blood Claw Bandits – #26

The Final Page of AI Chapter 5! Also the final page for the book which should be ordered either next week or the beginning of the week after! When the order is placed I’ll let you all know and start setting up the “store”. I will also have a few other things to add to the book as well.


Escort quests…

They always walk faster than your walking pace, but slower than your running pace.

the worst ones are when they are slower than your walking pace and about equal to your walking backwards pace

No the worst ones are the really slow ones who have to poke every square inch of the map. And don’t go about it in a reasonable order.

The absolutely worst ones are slow until they see a bandit/dragon/vampire lord/wolf/Bob off in the distance, lift up their fists because they’re unarmed, then sprint towards the death machine in no armor.

Or have an absolute path that they want to follow, until they get in combat, then they’ll catapult themselves over ravines, or across waterfalls, then get superbly stuck because they can’t figure out how to get back to their path.

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