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Heh, so artfully covered. I wouldn’t even put that past a pair of elves.

“Why are you holding those sheets partly over your groin? I’ve seen all of you.”

“Yes, darling, but if someone is watching, I must look tempting yet chaste.”

Dam you sage, we are here to appreciate your art not be burned by it.

if nyna was on top of Kaylin who was walking up the tree and Kaylin asked for to go see if there close and she stood up.. which would mean she standing on Kaylin’s stomach or pelvis area.. so my question is who is now holding nyna up cant be herself due to her hands are on the ledge and Kaylin is right next to her… so either she clawed her rear legs into the tree, or we’re about to see one hell of a nyna elevator going down…..

She was still a ways up from the window (as shown by having Kaylin climbing up after her). So she stood up on Kaylin and then climbed up on her own to the window. As show as well, the tree appears to be made up of massive twisting tree trunks together, giving many hand holds and knots to climb on – not to mention Nyna has been shown to be plenty strong and very familiar with climbing trees.

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