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Didn’t she say 400+ years or am I wrong?

She said earlier that she is over 400 years old. Her age before the leap forward was never said except that she was at least 200 years old. The jump forward was over 300 years. So if you count age by “from time born” it has been over 500 years for her, but in terms of time she’s lived as an elf shes only aware of over 200 years (one of the reasons there’s not much left of Kevin after being overwritten with so much history dwarfing every moment of the previous life). She’s exaggerating and not telling the whole truth, but some of it is true. While the game never had an overt cases of same sex relationships, player characters had the ability to marry or pair as the Elves usually call it (Kaylin didn’t grow up with elves but with humans until much later in her life). Same sex couples however were in resource materials outside of the game. Books, comics, and internet shows all had it and was considered cannon. Why it’s vanished from inside the game is to be explained eventually, as well as what Kaylin is doing and how she’s doing it.

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