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Elven Issues – #21

Elven Issues – #21 published on 14 Comments on Elven Issues – #21

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Still leaning towards the system is learning from Kaylin’s personality and applying it to the NPCs. 😛

I love Kaylin’s expression in panel two. Just screams “I will ignore it this one time, but if you call me old again I WILL take you over my knee.”

she can take me over a knee “wink wink” nudge amIright? on another note, are all the elf girls in this world super busty cause I wont lie, would not bother me one bit if they are eh eh ? “nudge nudge” wink..;)

So my guess is that same sex relationships weren’t programmed into the game, but when the game started deviating from its programming, suddenly it became within the realm of possibility (note that Kaylen met Relm only a few days after she reappeared in the world, so her reappearance was also within the time of around two months ago). As for Nyna not finding it odd, there was probably more leeway when it came to filling in the blanks for monsters (and furthermore, it’s implied some were programmed to seduce prey into lowering their guard, which may have worked by different rules than relationships). Then again, I may just be overthinking things.

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