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Its still weird that suddenly a large number of elfs are engaging in gay acts all at once, and it sounds like constantly and without regard of whats around them.. aka in public. Unless i misunderstood what is happening.

Nah not in public- though her reaction to the whole thing might make it seem like it’s the case, it’s only because she’s seriously thinking it’s some kind of curse that had overtaken her people. Think about it this way- if suddenly an elf went home to find his wife with another woman, or a guy hears that his brother is with another man etc etc- all of that kinda stuff would be passed around a small community pretty quickly.

Kayla’s is being a bit of a dick. Regardless of one’s opinion on sexuality (I could give a shit) obviously something’s generated a major change in in this artificial world. Just guessing but all of these AI’s/NPC’s seem to attained some level of sentience. Kayla’s being a bit holier than thou and/or more self serving regarding his own future sexual conquests. Putting myself in that position, I’d go into major counseling and damage control mode without being all judgemental. In any case … He’s still being a dick.

I don’t disagree, but Kaylin isn’t trying to be nice to the “holier than thou” high elf that just spent nearly an entire page insulting every race she knows saying she’s superior just because she’s a high elf that has shown her ignorance. Also it’s Kaylin, not Kayla, and Kaylin is a she.

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