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Deviant behavior? I need details!!!

Are we just talking about deviant sexual behavior (assume guy on guy and girl on girl, possibly other acts from simple cosplay all the way up to hard core S&M; I also assume that Kaylin’s current relationship with Nyna is extra deviant), or or we talking the whole shebang of sex, drugs, and rock n roll?

One week will not pass quick enough.

Also, Sage, you have misspelled “Behavior” in the last speech bubble.

If I am correct this is some sort of role playing game that he is trapped in correct? And could it be a computer virus,software break down,and his own weird or deviant self coming out that is causeing all the probluems? and yes me spelling sucks 2!!!

While those are all things that would impact the game world there is one thing I feel that cancels all those out. Namely, it is happening in other games too and connects them in ways that non of the games were designed for.
We saw someone from a science fiction game who was also trapped and said there were a few others I believe.

My suspicion is that the software used to create the game evolved, causing the characters (PC and NPC alike) to become independently sentient. Apparently the PCs are now, at least to some degree, autonomous from their players – e.g. Kaylin isn’t entirely Kevin anymore. That raises interesting questions as to how “real” they really are, but for now let’s just say: They think, therefore…

Now… here’s my thought on what is happening… Let’s say this “Deviant behavior” started shortly after Kaylin woke up. the AI or whatever running the system (I suspect multiple AIs) might be using her behavior or even memories as a way to fill in details on the world that were corrupted or missing. Since she’s may be the first elf adventure awoken.

The system might had been cloning personalities from one NPC to another for generations till Adventures came out of stasis (or whatever you wanna call it). But it knew that to be natural they couldn’t simply be mental clones of several ego/id types, so it would try to compensate after getting new data.

This might also explain what may be an oddity: The monsters. The group we just left were quite a varied bunch of species. It’s also odd that a Tengu would by Nyna’s uncle. Maybe there was an error in the system at some point that made it copy behaviors from humanoid NPCs, but also realizing they were not the same “alignment”.

Hmm…. a system that is evolving to fend against it’s own destabilizing corruption… The source of the destabilization, if that is the case, may lay with how multiple gameworlds are now connected.

It would help to know what is going outside in the physical world to make a more concrete guess on why those gameworlds are connected now. If it’s a case where these game worlds are running with no human oversight due to something like say… everyone is dead. It may be possible that the Game Master AIs of the various game worlds, if they were running from the same base code started connecting to each other to band together.

But that’s more speculation than anything. As I said, we’d need more info on the outside world. But I suspect if we do get to the point where we find out about that, we’ll pretty much know what’s going on.

…But yeah! Using adventures’ memories to fill in blanks!

Have you ever heard of a book called EPIC? It’s a bit on the older side, but the premise is that they use an AI controlled game as part of their economics. By getting stuck as their characters, it could be trying to understand us/evolve itself similar to the book.

Someone earlier was talking about the game element and how the main character was stuck in the game. Other theories follow.

I’d state this as my theory. I don’t believe that anything crazy happened to the streamer from the beginning. I think his game crashed. I think Kaylin is just the result of a glitch. An element still running in the system. After all the world is basically filled with AI consciences. Her Bio filled in her personality type, along with previous actions, all things the game would track. She lost her memories because they weren’t hers, they were the streamers. This also explains our spaceman. He has his memories because his game had no other information to go by. No-one is trapped in the game, the game just experienced a minor glitch and is trying to run on some mildly broken data.

Also High Elves are probably homophobic and Racist.

Off topic for this page, but it seems like something has changed in regards to the comics’ hosting. My bookmark used to lead to a page where I could choose either AI or Yosh, but now it just leads to the current page of AI. Is that intended?

It would help to know what URL your bookmark was pointed at because currently the old page that let you pick which one to go to is still accessible and the links there should take you to the new sites. As I’ve said before though we are on new hosting. Both Yosh! and AI are on separate sites now with links to each other on the left side bars. There will be a bridge site later but that needs a lot of design work and we don’t have time for that yet. If you have any issues feel free to comment about it or email me at

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